the hinge gits the grease?

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    in a old post i talked about a lost Lyman order from april 16. in late may did a reorder. on june 6 got a e-mail saying will be shipped "in a few days" today "june 26" e-mailed to ask what was up? within minuets got a call from Lyman check order info [my CC # ect] shipping maybe Tuesday. how is that for service? i am glad that there are many reloading company's out there and i may think of them before Lyman on future purchases. what do you think?

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    I contacted them twice, 3 years ago. Still haven't heard anything. I'll buy used Lyman stuff but I'll be hard pressed to buy anything new from them unless it's the only game in town...and sometimes they are.
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