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    Idaho County takes aim at Patriot Act

    Associated Press
    The Spokesman Review


    BOISE _ The Idaho County Commission has taken the first reported official action in the state to rein in controversial federal legislation known as the USA Patriot Act.

    The measure passed Monday 2-1, with freshmen Republicans Pat Holmberg and Alice Mattson voting opposite long-term Republican Commissioner George Enneking.

    While the commission may be the first government in Idaho to take a vote on the issue, the resolution has little practical effect.

    "It's just a reaffirmation of the oath we took for office," said Holmberg.

    Drafted by the Watchmen on the Wall, an organization that promotes a strict and literal interpretation of the Constitution, the Idaho County ordinance does not mention the Patriot Act by name. The one-page resolution says:

    "The Bill of Rights and the Constitution for these United States of America, which is the supreme law of the land, shall be upheld and enforced within the boundaries of Idaho County; repugnant acts, ordinances or regulations of government in clear contravention notwithstanding."

    Enneking said he does not oppose the ordinance itself. However, he believes it is redundant since elected officials have already sworn the oath, the Lewiston Morning Tribune reported in its Tuesday edition.

    Holmberg said the Idaho County prosecutor's office is working on stronger legislation that would express support for members of Idaho's congressional delegation who work against the Patriot Act.

    The Boise City Council was scheduled to take up a similar resolution Tuesday evening. The municipal measure, also a scaled-back, largely symbolic gesture, replaced one considered earlier that would have blocked some types of cooperation between local police and federal authorities.

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    Jun 27, 2001
    Crowds Protest Patriot Act During Ashcroft's Visit

    NBC WAVE-3

    Before John Ashcroft spoke to law enforcement officials Thursday, he was greeted outside by a large group of protestors. And they were not shy about showing him their opposition to the Patriot Act. WAVE 3's Shannon Davidson reports.

    As the United States Attorney General pulled up to the Louisville International Conventional Center, protestors shouted out, exercising their civil rights to challenge the Patriot Act and the idea that law enforcement may obtain information about citizens without their knowledge.

    Clare Gervasi says she finds "rather disturbing that John Ashcroft is touting a bill that's supposed to protect us, and yet, we're not allowed to know anything about it."

    Ashcroft and the FBI say the power that comes with the Patriot Act is rarely used, but critics say, if that power is used just once, that's one time too many.

    Jeroma Lomonaco doesn't like the idea of federal agents monitoring his reading habits. "If you read something that is contrary to popular belief, it does not mean you hold that particular belief, it just means that you want to be informed."

    While Ashcroft asks for "public confidence in law enforcement," the drums of protest beat on. "The fact that the government has the freedom, without a court order, to come into our privacy, to monitor our e-mails, without a court order, or any kind of accountability, is an outrage to our civil liberties."

    Some libraries across the country are already posting signs warning patrons of the anti-terror law
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