The Insanity continues.

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    I'm not sure how somebody else would respond to this but I do believe that some of my co-workers would have received a good old fashioned English speaking ASS WOOPIN'

    Gringo this....

    Government Worker in U.S. Fired for Speaking English

    An employee of Miami-Dade County, harassed by Latino co-workers for being a white American, says she was fired for speaking English on the job.

    "I was referred to as the gringa, the Americana," Zita Wilensky told Miami's WSVN-TV. "Did they mean it in a polite way or a deragatory way? In some ways at times it was joking. But then it was like every single day, and you know what? I have a name."

    She was the only "Anglo" in the Domestic Violence Unit. All of her co-workers were Hispanic, and she says they liked to play tricks on her.

    "My boss presented me with an envelope one day when the anthrax was going around and told me: 'Come here; could you smell this? This just came in the mail.' Big joke in front of the whole department. Made me look like an idiot."

    A 16-year county employee, she has a personnel file full of letters of praise, but the racial discrimination began to take its toll.

    "Then Zita was told she had to speak Spanish in the office. She was given 60 days to learn. After 30 days her boss disguised her voice and called her," WSVN reported.

    Wilensky told the station: "So she called pretending to be someone who didn't speak English."

    "And when you could not communicate she fired you?"

    "Yes ... that's how it happened."

    According to the county, she was fired (merely) for transferring the call to the clerk's office. Wilensky says she transferred it because she wanted what she thought was a Spanish-speaking caller to talk to someone. Her boss claims she just requested that Wilensky learn Spanish, but a letter from the boss says Wilensky must speak Spanish, the TV station reported.

    The result: After her long service with the county, she was fired and replaced by a Hispanic.

    Now she is looking into whether an American can be fired for not speaking Spanish on the job.

    WSVN says that according to its legal expert, Howard Finkelstein: "The Florida Constituion says that English is the official language of the government. So you can't fire someone simply because they don't speak Spanish, and you can't fire them simply because they are Anglo. That's discrimination. That's illegal."

    Finkelstein added: "An employer cannot allow an employee to be subjected to racial slurs like gringo, or to be ridiculed or intimidated. ... That's called a hostile work enviroment, and that's illegal."

    If Wilensky sues the county, she has an excellant chance of winning, he said.

    The banana republic of Miami-Dade County, by the way, is the same government that failed to fire three black firemen who refused to respond to emergency calls until an "offensive" American flag was removed from a fire truck

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    ella debe haber dicho que "sópleme!"

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    Here in “The Peoples Republic of California” It’s OK to discriminate against Anglos. The hate crime law only seems to pertain to crimes against every body but heterosexual, male, hard working, non-handicapped individuals. If you cry reverse discrimination, you are labeled a racist. Now this is the funny part, in the last census it was determined that Anglos were officially out numbered by Hispanics, but some how Anglos are not considered minorities. Nothing will get you fired faster from a big company than claming reverse discrimination! Words like Cracker, Whitbread, Honkie, and a host of others are used on TV everyday. I guess we just have to suffer the sins of the father! HOLD IT! None of my relative’s owned/transported slaves! OOOH, it’s my skin color that makes me guilty. Silly me!

    I hope the previous post piss off the Hispanic community as much as it has me because it’s circumstances like that, that perpetuate hatred and a larger rift in the races. Reverse discrimination doesn’t make me feel and understand their pain, it makes me angry and it makes me nonsympathetic to their plight! It makes me think that they aren’t fighting for equality, but for revenge!

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    Reply insanity
    I hope she sues the bastards and wins a bundle. If those illegals want to live here the least they can do is learn to spika da englis.

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    Indeed it does.