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Everyone has something they hate. Mine is spiders, yours might be frogs…

Hey !! it could happen!!!

I hate Spiders…

This short story is about…When Spiders Invade!!!!

If you have read the little story “OOPS”, you know that Panama has tarantulas…BIG suckers!

I begin here…

The blockhouse in Panama was, to say the least, a VERY secure area.

Triple fences fifteen feet high… guards that had guards and many other security items such as cameras.

Once inside, you could have access to almost any room in the building, but I only wish to talk about one particular room.

The “Burn Bag” room.

This small room, was a storage area for the “Burn Bags”. A heavy paper bag that held the flotsam and jetsam of a working office. All the paper that was created in this building, sooner or later, ended up here to be burned. These bags are about as thick as today’s very heavy lawn and garden bags. Very sturdy and tough.

There was a double door right outside the room so that you could open the door and throw the burn bags outside into a big pile. They then would be placed in the special furnace to be burned. This furnace was designed so that no piece of paper, and I mean NO piece of paper escaped the burning process.

Well….. one day, the OD went into the room to place some bags in it. As he threw a few bags in, he noticed that something moved in the room.

“Hey!! Call the MP’s” he yells out.. ”something is in here”.

A few minutes later, two of our MP’s came and reported to him.

“Sir… What’s up?”

“There is something in there” pointing into the room.

“I couldn’t see what it was but it crawled under the bags right about there (again pointing) and I could here it tunnel into them”.

“Well… it might be an iguana…they sometimes crawl in through the antenna channels.”

The MP begins throwing and kicking the bags out of the way….

And as he gets close to a wall he yells “OH SHIT!! WHAT WAS THAT!??”

And he runs from the room!!

“That was NO iguana!…”

“Well what was it?” asks the OD.

“I don’t know” and after the longest time, he and the OD work up enough courage to go back into the room…..he uses a long mop handle to move some of the bags….

And there it was….

A spider….

A tarantula….

And a big one at that…

once they relocate the spider; he succeeds in herding it into a burn bag… and he rolls the end closed so it won’t get out and says “Have whoever is on burn duty burn this thing first”

After setting the bag down, he leaves and the OD goes to get the burn detail started.

About ten minutes go by. The OD returns with the burn detail.

They open the door and..

“OH SHIT…. It got out”

Sure enough, the bag was empty. How do we know?? Because there is a large hole cut in the bag!.

The Spider chewed his way out!!

So now, they have to go through he whole process again….

OK… they have located it again and as they get closer with the pole and a new bag…it jumps…..

Yes… jumps…. From the floor to the ceiling!!! Eight feet straight up!! And scurries to the very back of the room where the bags are stacked high to the ceiling.

When the spider jumped… everyone…and I do mean everyone.. runs from the room like it had burst in to flame!!.

Obviously…I was not the only one to dislike spiders….ya think??

This little cat & mouse…..

Oh.. sorry… spider and victim…

Oh ..sorry… spider and ..potential victim .. game goes on for close to two hours….once they have him… they rush the bag out into the waiting fire.

Life and work goes back to normal…..However….. the antenna channels are soon sealed with chicken wire to prevent that from happening again.

Until, many days later… a boa comes in during a late night shift…..

But … that’s another story….


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