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(6/22/01 1:11:45 pm)
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I want to walk by the side of the man
Who has suffered and seen and knows,
Who has measured his pace on the battle line
and given and taken the blows.
Who has never whined when the scheme went wrong
nor scoffed at the failing plan--
But taken his dose with a heart of trust
and the faith of a gentleman;
Who has struck and sought and given
and scarred with a thousand spears--
Can lift his head to the stars of heaven
and isn't ashamed of his tears.

I want to grasp the hand of the man
Who has been through it all and seen,
Who has walked with the night of an unseen dread
and stuck to the world-machine;
Who has bared his breast to the winds of dawn
and thirsted and starved and felt
The sting and the bite of the bitter blasts
that the mouths of the foul have dealt;
Who was tempted and fell, and rose again,
and has gone on trusty and true,
With God supreme in his manly heart
and his courage burning anew.

I'd give my all--be it little or great--
to walk by his side today.
to stand up there with a man who has known
The bite of the burning fray.
Who has gritted his teeth and clinched his fist,
and gone on doing his best,
Because of the love of his fellowman
and the faith in his manly breast.
I would love to walk with him, hand in hand,
Together journey along,
For the man who has struggled and won
Is the man who can make men strong.

- Author Unknown -

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(6/26/01 6:04:13 am)
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Recently you took the time to thank and praise us for our stories--all is not in vain, I mused to myself. I recently had my cruise books returned from a writer in Las Vegas and now I can copy some things. I did the photo of Marvin Shields (the MOH winner) and sent it to Sharon and she was pleased. It was to support my stories of HERE, LET ME SHOW YOU and WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME? Perhaps I can send it to you if you would care to see it--. Please let me know with an e-mail address. Wilborn

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(6/26/01 9:31:44 am)
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Here ya go, Chief. Let's post it here.

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(6/26/01 9:50:41 am)
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Looks like a good place for the citation:


Rank and organization: Construction Mechanic Third Class, U.S. Navy, Seabee Team 1104. Place and date: Dong Xoai, Republic of Vietnam, 10 June 1965. Entered service at: Seattle, Wash. Born: 30 December 1939, Port Townsend, Wash. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Although wounded when the compound of Detachment A342, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, came under intense fire from an estimated reinforced Viet Cong regiment employing machineguns, heavy weapons and small arms, Shields continued to resupply his fellow Americans who needed ammunition and to return the enemy fire for a period of approximately 3 hours, at which time the Viet Cong launched a massive attack at close range with flame-throwers, hand grenades and small-arms fire. Wounded a second time during this attack, Shields nevertheless assisted in carrying a more critically wounded man to safety, and then resumed firing at the enemy for 4 more hours. When the commander asked for a volunteer to accompany him in an attempt to knock out an enemy machinegun emplacement which was endangering the lives of all personnel in the compound because of the accuracy of its fire, Shields unhesitatingly volunteered for this extremely hazardous mission. Proceeding toward their objective with a 3.5-inch rocket launcher, they succeeded in destroying the enemy machinegun emplacement, thus undoubtedly saving the lives of many of their fellow servicemen in the compound. Shields was mortally wounded by hostile fire while returning to his defensive position. His heroic initiative and great personal valor in the face of intense enemy fire sustain and enhance the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.

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(6/26/01 9:02:41 pm)
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Re: Marvin Shields
He's won in more ways than one!

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(6/27/01 5:35:13 am)
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...and two hard boiled eggs.
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