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    What, in your opinion, was the most important gun in America's history......and.....

    What was the most important gun in your state's history?

    My vote: America....the flintlock musket, without which, there would be no U.S. of A.

    Minnesota.....the original Springfield Rifle. Minnesota sent a larger percentage of her young men to the Civil War than any other state (or territory) in the Nation.

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    The flintlock helped settle the lands east of the Mississippi and played the crucial role of winning the Revolunionary War.

    However, my vote will go for the Hawkin Plains Rifle - it opened up the lands west of the Mississippi, bridged the gap between the flintlock and self contained cartridges. The romantic picture of the plainsmen as they explored the virgin western US and established the trading forts that later became commerce centers is one that appeals to me!

    The Colt SSA revolver did more in the establishment of Arizona than any other firearm, IMHO.
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    The State's would be the Spencer Rifle. Wilder's "Lightning Brigade" put Indiana on the map, both with mobility and firepower.

    Now for the US most important, HHmmmm....let me think about it.
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