The Muster Drum

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    May 10, 2004
    The Muster Drum.

    Do ye hear the roll of the Muster Drum
    Rattlin' in your brain?
    Can ye hear the tramp of Redcoat files
    Comin' up your lane?
    Rifle and horn and hawk ye have.
    Will ye join us in The Fight?
    Then find a tree or wall, Good Friend,
    And mark well your bright front sight!

    For they're comin', Lad, they're comin' fast,
    Their bayonets agleam.
    And maybe we can't stop 'em here
    And maybe they'll cross your stream,
    To burn your house and barn, my lad,
    Put your family out in the night!
    Then find a tree or wall, Good Friend,
    And mark well your bright front sight!

    We can harry 'em, harry 'em, in the road,
    ‘Til they wish they'd never come
    To confiscate our powder and arms
    And carry off our Gun!
    We can show the World we're Free Men
    Who'll Stand, Defend the Right!
    Now find that tree or wall, Good Friend,
    And mark well your bright front sight!

    A Nation of Riflemen we can be,
    If you'll enlist and arm and train!
    Our ghosts are waiting for you, Friend,
    On range and firing lane.
    Can YOU hear the roll of the Muster Drum
    By your fireside warm and bright?
    Will YOU rise to find YOUR tree or wall
    And mark well YOUR bright front sight?

    For the need is NOW, my stranger Friend,
    And it's urgent and it's plain.
    The forces ranged against us
    Now have everything to gain.
    Take up the Call! Raise high your heart!
    Answer the Muster Roll!
    Stand shoulder-to with Friend and Friend.
    Learn teamwork. Have a goal!

    And mebbe, just mebbe, you won't be alone
    Some cold and fearsome night
    When to live you must find your tree or wall,
    And mark well your bright front sight!!
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    Feb 25, 2008
    FEMA Region II

  3. armedandsafe

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    Ride to the Drum.
    Ride to the sound of gunfire.
    Ride! There is but one way to advance.

  4. copenhagen

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    Apr 10, 2009
    South Carolina
    Oh I'm a good old Rebel
    Oh that's just what I am
    For Globalization
    I do not give a damn

    We need good sound money
    Destroy this ponzi scheme
    Cause that is how they finance
    Their world-wide regime

    Oh I'm a good old Rebel
    Boys we're under attack
    We must band together
    Forgetting white and black

    The banks have made a killing
    From their paper fraud
    Our servicemen are dying
    For their Federal God

    Oh I'm a good old Rebel
    So don't tread on me
    Cause we ain't forgotten
    The price of liberty

    Buy yourself a rifle
    Learn to shoot her straight
    By yourself some ammo
    Put away your hate

    Oh I'm a good old Rebel
    I know a thing or two
    About their master plan
    To murder me and you

    Forget the television
    And Hollywood's deception
    A so called democracy
    They called the last election

    Obama and McCain
    Were never what you think
    Do your own research
    They're both owned by CitiBank.

    Yes I'm a good old Rebel
    And yes I am white
    They always use our skin
    To make us stray from right

    But I'm a good old Rebel
    I hope that you will fight
    For this great Republic
    Forgetting black and white

    They use the black vote
    To disarm the working man
    They use the white vote
    To make torture grand

    So you can set yourself up
    Or you can stand with me
    And be a good old Rebel
    Defending Liberty.