The NRA Scoring Gauge.

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    Sep 19, 2002
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    Attached is a graphic showing the NRA scoring gauge. It helps a lot in accurate scoring.

    The flange on the official gauge is .224". .22 rimfire bullets will print holes that range from about .214" to .219". It depends on the shape of the bullet, the lubricant on the bullet, and the type/thickness/moisture content of the paper.

    The scoring gauge will give you more accurate scoring and sometimes will give you an extra point or two. If your local gun shop does not have them in stock, you can get them from the NRA, Brownells, Champion Shooters Supply or MidSouth. I have not seen them in the Cabeles or Gander Mountain catalogs.

    The easy way is to call NRA at 1 (800) 336-7402 and ask for .22 caliber scoring gauge #17230.
    Cost will be four bucks plus postage. The price from Brownells are Champion Shooters Supply might be a little higher, but postage will be less if you order some other gun toys at the same time.

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