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    This is a long read, but a very essential one to get a real sense of where our sick Republic stands today. It was in today's edition of the Sierra Times.


    The Real State of the Union, A to Z

    By Anthony C. LoBaido

    The year 2003 was a pivotal one for Americans and the world. We learned many things. And from A to Z most of it was not good. But we can face the unpleasant truths since we are remnant Americans. Along with remnant South Africans, we are the best people in the world. We understand good from evil. No matter what the globalists and the slimy Bilderberger-types have tried and/or done, we never fell for their lies. I speak of the lies promoted by Hollywood, the major networks, Clinton White House, State Department and Madison Avenue. Even today we stand ready to fight against their evil agenda. “Live free or die,” is still our motto along with “Don’t tread on me.”

    We are the remnant of those who took boats from Europe across the ocean fleeing the Irish potato famine. We are the remnant of those who took the covered wagon trains West without cells phones, food stamps, insurance or even a Home Shopping Network. We are the remnant of black slaves who walked from the East Coast to California with the Quakers. We are the remnant of American Indians who survived the “Trail of Tears.” We are the remnant of Mexican migrant workers who picked lettuce in the lush valleys of California. We are all of these people and many others, like the Hmong who fled the horror of Stalinist Laos. One of the benefits of being in this remnant is that we get to keep our sanity -- if nothing else.

    We’re still tough and it’s high time to get good and angry. We may need to storm the castle again with our pitchforks. If only we would stand up and fight like our forefathers did at Blood River, (on the Afrikaner’s Great Trek) and in the American Revolutionary War, we would win and probably win easily. The victory is ours, just as Moses held up the banner for Aaron, if only we would take it. God has already given it to us. God hates the evil ruining our societies and so do we. If we fear nothing but God and hate nothing but sin we will secure a new destiny for ourselves and our children.

    Among the things we have learned in 2003;

    A: Our culture has decayed to barbarism: The Republicans lack the will and guts to engage in the culture wars. The effect on the low life, sewer culture of American gang music, clothes, Hollywood, MTV and music in general, Madison Avenue and of course the zoos we call public schools is depressing and demoralizing to the normal people left in out nation. Worse still, that culture is being exported to the four corners of the world. The major cultural trends in America and the world will be discussed later in this article. One must ask if Islam is America’s number one enemy or rather is it our own P/C elite, who carry such a false sense of entitlement. Aren’t they the enemy that needs to go first? When we look at things from that perspective (remember you can’t change an event, only your perception of that event) we see Islam is perhaps the last barrier to world government. That’s a good thing, that barrier.

    Regardless, the “window of happy globalism” as I call it, which began when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and ended when the Twin Towers came down on that clear morning of 9-11, has forever been shut. Don’t expect to see the Taliban in their Burger King uniforms anytime soon. Don’t expect Islamic jihad’s brain trust to start watching “Allah McBeal” every Friday night at 8 p.m. on the Fox Network.

    B: From Russia with love: Russia is NOT America’s ally in the war on terror. Russia proved this beyond a shred of doubt. Russia chose to be a friend of Iraq instead. Russia and its vaunted KGB/FSB actually spied on the UK and Tony Blair for Iraq before the most recent war broke out. Russia possibly (and most likely) told Saddam to have the Iraqi army melt away into mobile guerrilla-style resistance movements. What did the great Tony Blair do after this? Did he have British Intelligence enact counter measures? Did he tell Russian leader Putin he was angry? No. Would you actually believe that he acted as the anti-Churchill? Blair actually flew to Russia to kiss the boots of Putin after Russia was caught spying. Why?

    C: The Bear’s no longer hibernating: Russia has modernized her nuclear and biological weapons at a level far beyond America’s. Bush Jr. cut America’s missiles back far too deeply. The billions the DOE gave Russia for nuclear security at their missile sites has been spent God knows how and Russia won’t let the DOE inspect the sites on Russian soil. (Don’t worry, just keep shopping!) Tony Blair knows that Russia can still destroy the world at a push of a button. Russia is a force to be reckoned with. Do you realize that Russia’s educational system is far better than Americas, especially at the high school and undergrad levels. Russia is “poor” only because of A. corruption and B. Russia diverts economic resources for its military. I was told that Russia is also the world’s leading exporter of oil.

    Nostradamus correctly predicted that America and Russia would “become friendly.” But when they split apart again, this would result in a major war. That war is coming. Russians are tough and they will survive what is coming. Russia has 11 time zones and a population which is patriotic, Christian and monolithically white for the most part. They hate the West because Clinton was too pompous with them. Boris Yeltsin threatened nuclear war with America over the Balkan crisis a few years back, just incase you missed it. It should have terrified people. Gorby said, “I hope this wasn’t a well thought out statement.” Clinton said, “We can’t afford to get upset by one statement.” LoBaido says, “We can’t afford NOT to get upset.” (But don’t worry, keep shopping…while you can!)

    D: The King of Babylon: The war is going badly in Iraq and CNN shows our soldiers who have been so horrible burned by RPG’s suffering in the aftermath. It is very sad to watch and all of us need to write those soldiers letters and try to keep up their spirits. We love them and we are so very proud of them. We must them this, especially those at the burn unit in San Antonio. We must also encourage the doctors and nurses who help them. They are all our heroes.

    It must be noted that Kellen Winslow Jr. of the University of Miami made the most revolting comments about “being a bleeping soldier” after throwing a simple block in a recent game. He should be the first to visit this burn unit and see what it is like to really be a soldier.

    Yet we must ask. Even if and when the “War on Terror” is won, what will America have actually won? The “right” to export and consume MTV morals? Condoms on bananas in kindergarten as a part of sex ed? NAMBLA? Slave labor imports from China? Massive Third World Immigration? This is what our soldiers are fighting and dying for? Osama bin Laden found a copy of the Bill of Rights in a cave in Afghanistan and went biserk? I don’t believe it. German Intelligence knew the 9-11 attack was coming years ago. That’s a public fact. Makes you wonder about President Bush Jr. saying at the U.N., “We must not ask about any conspiracy.” Really, says who? Ever hear of “free speech?”

    What’s the point of winning this war if we cannot stomach our own culture at home? General Boykin is great man and I admire him so very much, but respectfully I must tell him that he must wake up out of his dream world. Yes, there are many Christians in America, but we have become just as worldly as the pagans that have married technology in our society. There are far more committed Christians inside Russia, Mainland China, Eastern Europe, South Sudan and Indonesia. I don’t mean to be negative, but I saw Pat Robertson say just the other week on his show, “Maybe America isn’t a Christian country anymore.” General Boykin is a great role model to me and others, but we need him to address the culture and the other national security issues in this column.

    E: President Bush Jr. is bound by political correctness: We are caught up in a cultural collapse of Biblical proportions that transcends politics. Be it Bush Jr. appointing activist gays to high government positions, open borders on immigration, offering social security to Mexico or his well-meaning, yet expensive and probably worthless Africa-Aids policy, it all goes to show that there is ZERO conservative influence in the government. (Excepting for the pro-Israel neo-cons, who by default have done a lot of good to get America to begin tracking the Islamic jihad/terrorists that have infiltrated our nation from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Immigration Department. About 8 million illegal aliens the last time I checked. And several of the 9-11 pilots received visa renewal forms in the mail. How totally bizarre, insane, sad and revolting.)

    F: PC on Parade: President Bush Jr. can still do tremendous good, but only for the politically correct anointed it seems. For example, Bush Jr. traveled to South Africa earlier this year and was given a tape detailing the 1,613 South African farmer murders. This documentary tape was given to Bush Jr. personally by the top Freedom Front leader Dr. Mulder. Bush promised to review the tape and act. President Bush Jr. lied and did NOTHING. Zero, zip, nada. It’s just disgusting. But of course the Afrikaner farmers are white Christians so they must deserve to be killed, right?

    Bush did bring in a Bantu tribe, actually 13,000 of them, to America from Somalia however. (See the August 4, 2003 issue of The USA Today, “In the U.S., Africa’s Bantu see a reversal of fortune” by Rick Hampson.) It’s great those people can find a new life in America. However, like Bush’s Africa Aids policy, it is all pushed by political correctness.

    The South African farmer continues to be the highest at-risk murder group on Earth. The world is silent. So is President Bush Jr. And this is just another example of how the Marxist State Department and globalist Council of Foreign Relations, working hand in glove with her British cousin, the Royal Institute of International Affairs are helping to destroy Western civilization. Only a vodka guzzling ultra right-wing Russian leader has offered the Afrikaners a homeland inside its borders. And no one takes him seriously -- except his bartender.

    Now the ANC has announced it will take over 30 percent of the white-owned farmland ASAP. Can anyone say “Zimbabwe?” LoBaido has been warning people about what is coming to South Africa for many years. What has happened to the country of Ronald Reagan? Bush Jr. started his run for President at Bob Jones University and that was just a ruse. Bush Jr. has TOTALLY abandoned white Christians. Totally. Just look at the Afrikaners if you want proof. (And fixing the culture? Look at him shamelessly praising Ozzie, which I will get to later. It’s sickening and what we’d have expected from Bill Clinton. Sick! Sick! Sick! I’M GOING TO SCREAM!)

    G: Iraq and Water: Many have asked how I could have predicted the war in Iraq more than half a year before it began via my column; “Bush, Mabus and the Great War to Come.” I maintain that this war was about water. Israel will be out of fresh water in 10 to 15 years. Iraq has all the fresh water in the Middle East from the Tigris and Euphrates. Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction were exported to Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Syria and perhaps Belarus. This is a fact. Why the media won’t follow up on LoBaido’s articles about this is strange to say the least. What are they hiding and why?

    H: Hal Lindsey’s run amok: Israel, abortion and New York’s Mayor continue to boggle the mind. Israelis poison, dismember and murder their OWN children EVERYDAY inside Israel at their abortion clinics. And New York’s Jewish and Republican Mayor Mike Bloomberg stated after 9-11 that he wants to make New York State’s vast array of medical schools a kind of Mecca for abortion training for new doctors. You go boy!

    Do not forget for even one second that Planned Parenthood offered free abortions in the week after 9-11 to “help New Yorkers cope” with the crisis. Awe shucks! Thanks for helping to murder all the babies who incidentally have their own fingerprint at seven weeks. Ya’ll are too kind! Sing with me and Hillary Clinton; “God Bless America…” Now wave the red, white and blue. Red for the blood of the abortion and betrayed saints in China, Sudan, Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, South Lebanon and elsewhere. White for the new white supremacy of the post-Christian era, rooted in Nazi ideals, promoted by the powerful secular Jews, most mainline Protestant denominations and now accepted by most cultures in America and the world. Blue being the field of the stars, where the occult rules the airwaves via Harry Potter, movies like The Craft and TV shows like Charmed and many others.

    America already murders 5,000 children EACH DAY in the abortion clinics. That’s a double 9-11 EVERY DAY. A 40 million dead total since 1973. That is more than the combined population of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Idaho Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. And at what cost to the culture and economy? Do you understand the money those murdered babies would have generated? (Worried about overpopulation? Don’t be as 97 percent of the world’s land surface is EMPTY!) Wonder why we had to let in 30 million immigrants during the Clinton years? It was to replace the millions we butchered. Do the math! This was all planned in the late 1960’s. A tape series, “The New Order of the Barbarians” documented it.

    But Mayor Mike Bloomberg, perhaps the poorest billionaire in the history of billionaires, is not merely content to promote the ritual and perhaps Satanic killing of children and just hide away in his black robe. He actually dared to go to Israel and kiss the Wailing Wall in his Yarmulke. In the August 31st, 2003 New York Post there is a photo of Bloomberg doing just that. Can you believe this man? I mean the sheer volume of his “lostness?” Is there any more lost person on this planet save for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and Nelson Mandela? Jesus said, “If the light in thine eye be darkness, how great is that darkness.” What is the dark light inside this man? How did he come to power anyway? Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in New York by 5 to 1. Do the math. Why vote Democrat when a Senator and abortion freak like Hillary can get a Republican to do her work for her so much better? They’re playing with a double-headed penny!

    Helen Freedman, Executive Director of something called “Americans for a Safe Israel” or “AFSI” wrote next to the aforementioned photo in the Letters to the Editor section; “The Post’s coverage of Mayor Bloomberg’s solidarity trip to Israel was inspiring.”


    LoBaido note to Helen: Where’s the most unsafe place for a baby in Israel? Answer: Inside the womb of the child’s mother. “Bloodshed touching bloodshed.” It is in the Old Testament. Open it up and READ it, honey. Make no mistake, until Israel stops murdering its own children and makes abortion ILLEGAL again the terror will not stop. It will never stop. And it’s not just because, “Live free or die” applies to the Palestinians AS WELL AS the American Revolutionary War.

    Here’s why the terror won’t stop -- because Jewish Israelis are busy butchering your OWN JEWISH CHILDREN EVERYDAY anyway in your pristine abortion clinics. It’s all done so civilized with white lab coats and clipboards and kept appointments. Israelis must be so proud. More proud than when Israel armed the police state in Zimbabwe or sold sensitive high-tech people monitoring equipment to the butchers in Mainland China, (until Bush Jr. made them stop quite recently.) Again, Jews kill Jewish babies EVERYDAY inside Israel. How can you be so blind? Look at how the terror has escalated since abortion was legalized in Israel. Yes the PLO is evil and their terror must be opposed and shut down, but there is a spiritual dynamic at work here. I can’t explain it. You can only feel it.

    And it does not even begin to bother you at all. You see no correlation even though it’s written in YOUR OWN Holy Book! God hates the murder of children. God hates abortion. He hated it in ancient days and He hates it now! God says in Malachi, “I am the Lord, I change NOT.” And God sees it all. As Sirach wrote in the Apocrypha, “The eyes of the Lord are brighter than 10,000 suns, they see everything we do.” Are we clear Helen? It’s just disgusting for normal people, Muslim, Jewish and Christian to see Bloomberg dare to kiss that wall while dripping with the blood of infant sacrifice.

    Murton Edelstein wrote, “…Bloomberg’s visit to Israel is a slap in the face of the growing Arab community in New York. Many are hard-working New Yorkers who see the mayor showing favoritism to Israel’s cause. Sure, one condemns the vile attack by Hamas and Islamic jihad, but does the mayor travel to Gaza or other Palestinian towns when the Israeli army kills children, too?”

    This letter raises an interesting point on two levels. First, what will happen as Arabs gain more and more political power in the increasingly Balkanized nation of the United States? Next, the majority of New Yorkers now speak a language other than English while at home according to the New York Post. But as President Bush Jr. said right before 9-11, “Immigration is NOT a problem to be solved.” Yeah right. On the morning of 9-11 we could all PLAINLY see just how WRONG the rude and unkind, yet right on target John Rocker was. “Who the hell let all these people in our country?” Answer: The cul de sac from Emory University to the State Department, that’s who, Rocker.

    But it seems that the traditional European-Americans have been Jerry Springer-ized and most of the normal and intelligent people I meet in New York are from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, India, Turkey, Pakistan and other nations. The Jerry Springer-ization of European America leaves the remnant from that group no choice but to embrace not non-Jerry immigrations for the sake of our own sanity. It’s kind of sad how Jerry took over, but it’s good that we have people to talk too about Kashmir, history, politics and the British Empire. I’m serious; when in New York I have my most sane times at the local 7-11 with Gurmohan, the Apu-like clerk who is moral and intelligent. (Yet he once chastised me for “eating a quarter pound of his god…with cheese.”)

    Gurmohan also marvels at the local tattoo people with their gang clothes and body piercings. (They’re all white people.) If you go to the train station at let’s say Mastic-Shirley, Long Island and took a survey, you would see that well over 95 percent of the people have been Jerry Springer-ized. Right before my late and beloved mother Viola passed away she said, “Anthony, look at the society! I’m dying at a good time.” I am just so ashamed that my parents had to live long enough to see the culture decay to that level.

    Also in the August 31st, 2003 New York Post were letters addressing how 3,000 New York teachers failed a basic competency test, even though they were able to take the test again and again. Jeff Toback of Brooklyn wrote, “The test in fact was very easy. It basically deals with knowledge that everyone should know. If the test is biased against anyone, it’s stupid people.”

    David Dallow wrote, in part, “…the fact that thousands of teachers fail basic competency exams, some numerous times, is horrifying. Even worse are the excuses that rear their ugly heads every time someone fails to live up to basic responsibilities: racism and cultural bias.” Amen, David.

    But remember Poor Senator Trent Lott, who like Lot’s wife dared to look back. In the 1960’s we had German Shepherds biting decent people in the South. That was a disgusting and horrible time in America. It was white on one side and black on the other.

    These days we have normal and moral white, black, Arab, Jewish, gay, non-gay, Indian, Asian and people on one side of the street. And they are all getting bitten by the lies of the media, MTV morals, environmental whacko lies, Fed Bank policy, export of America’s jobs overseas, (including Microsoft moving its operations to India and Mainland China) network filth, Playboy, Penthouse, feminist radicals, the debased public school Teacher’s Union, Marxist thought almost completely controlling America’s universities and colleges, the debasement of our women in the worst possible way, RU-486, massive abortion, massive Third World immigration and a thousand other ills. Like graffiti and body tattoos, our senses are assaulted every day by the indecent.

    I say it’s time to start taking out the trash. It happened in Romania in 1989. The poor white trash in Romania, mostly Christian, got fed up with the pre Magna Carta, Soviet- installed elite and got rid of the mad, abortion-obsessed dictator. Likewise in America, it’s time to get rid of the modern Pharaoh’s. These men want us to build their new Pyramids. Mark my words, their time for honoring themselves will soon be at an end; solar flares, space dust, peasants storming the castle with pitchforks, Islamic nuclear and biological bombs, radiation bombs on Wall Street, London’s financial district and a tsunami off of Tokyo – you name the means, one day it WILL end and then we can start to rebuild.

    That is, unless you want the number one children’s cartoon to continue to be South Park and watch Cartman’s “Christian” rock band “Faith + 1 scream, “Bleep Jesus,” on stage, then go off and eat human waste on their Christmas dinner. We’ve reached rock bottom people. How much more debased can it get? The legalization of pedophilia and bestiality is coming. Our Supreme Court will see to it and that right soon -- unless you and I rise up to stop them. (And unless you are too busy shopping!)

    Major point of hope: Once 25 to 30 percent of black Americans vote solidly Republican (remember the original black members of Congress were ALL Republican back in the old days. In fact ALL blacks were Republican because of their positive outlook on Abraham Lincoln) a political earthquake will occur. That 30 percent black vote will combine with the Hispanics in America who continue to work hard, embrace traditional Catholicism and family values and vote Republican. And then the Democratic Party will cease to exist. The Republicans are VERY smart. They know what they are doing with school vouchers and such. There will be no “Aztecland” in the American Southwest. There will be only “Republican-land.” Ricky Martin will be the next governor of New Mexico and we will all be listening to Menudo records once again.

    Major point of non-hope: The GOP kicked out Patrick Buchanan and has embraced globalism, the de-manufacturing of America’s economic infrastructure, the massive and apocalyptic Third World immigration that has ruined Western Civilization and political correctness in a manner that stupefies the human mind. Since the GOP abandoned the culture wars, why should white Christians vote Republican? I know I won’t. What’s the point? It just gets worse and worse. But decent blacks and Hispanics might vote for them.

    Even more major point of non-hope combined with an appeal for hope: Just look at Ray Lewis and his amazing new video game where he throws people against a wall. Very Christian, Ray. You are such a role model and inspiration of me. The NFL needs you to spread violence to the inner cities so we can get young black kids to A. kill each other. B go to jail to create jobs for appellate court judges, prison guards, lawyers, more police on the streets, more prison labor, prison food and prison clothes C. join gangs so we can have more of “A” and B.” You get the picture now, homey?

    Oh, I’m sorry if I’m wrong because you have changed so very much. That’s what Chris Carter told me on HBO. “You have changed so much” since you fled that murder scene with your clothes stained with the blood of the victim (even though you DID NOT commit the murder) and then worked to stonewall the police investigation. Good show!

    So how did it feel when you took off those clothes? Did you burn them? Did you use stain remover like Pilate? Did you even think, “I could have saved that man lying in the street?” or maybe, “I could have TRIED to save him instead of running away?” Very, very courageous Ray. (I could have really used you in Laos to help the Hmong. Kellen Winslow Jr. too cause he is a real “bleepin’ soldier!”)

    I want to be JUST LIKE YOU, Ray! You are my role model and hero. I think all children should be EXACTLY just like you. I used to think Chris Carter was this great Christian but now I see how he defends your violent video games and he’s just as lost as you are. Only he is far, far worse off since he’s “on Jesus’ team.”

    See how great the lies are? How can we claim to follow Christ and peddle this video violence? So what Chris Carter told me in effect is that Ray Lewis did not commit murder but he is a changed man and I can see this change through Ray’s new video where he throws people against the wall? Okay Mr. Carter we have the net from the lunatic asylum. Come along now.

    Do you realize all normal people look at all of this NFL/HBO spin and CRINGE with revulsion and disgust? Not because what Ray Lewis did or did not do but because of THE GIANT LIE they want us to swallow about the filth he and others are selling our children. But we’ve had enough of their lies and so should you by now, Ray. Violence is evil. Football is about channeling aggressing and releasing it in hopefully an entertaining way for players and fans. Football is NOT about marketing killing other people off of the field which is what the powers that be want you to do.

    Oh, I almost forgot how you dared to compare yourself to Jesus when people criticized you about your roll in the murders and the cover up. Ever hear about the parable of “The Good Samaritan?” Your friends were using you then. And Ray, the debased elite are still using you, kid. When are you going to wake up? I love you. I know you did not kill that man. But you know, fix things with that man’s family and kin (if you did not do so already) and get rid of these stupid and wicked video games. They are EVIL. Don’t poison children with them.

    Make video games about Jesus feeding the multitudes. Hey that’s a great idea! But let’s not go too far with the Jesus clearing out the money changers in the temple! The violent video games are horrible. There are billions of dollars to be made in this time-wasting industry. But somehow I don’t think Gaye Sayers would approve. Or Jackie Robinson. How about a video game where people spit on Jackie Robinson? That would be horrible, but even then, not as bad as throwing someone against a wall, right? We would never tolerate such a thing as spitting on Jackie. Then how about a video game of the Fat Tuesday riot in Seattle? Or those horrible killings in Iowa? How about a Reginald Denny video game? How about a South African “let’s kill all the white farmers video.”

    It’s all Cain and Abel.

    Ray, don’t let them use you anymore. They are giving you money stained in blood. Look at how those video games affect the minds of children. The Devil is behind this. I am certain of it. The union of paganism and technology is only going to get worse. But that does NOT mean you should be a part of it. Yes, they are giving you something (money) but they are taking away so much more. Something no amount of money can ever give you back. They are taking your soul and perhaps your eternal destiny. For now they are taking your peace.

    The elite want us all in their chains. You are supposed to be this great leader but really you are just another follower, saying “yes massa” to the violence merchants. They have an agenda and they are USING you, again, as I said. I hate to see them use you like this. It makes my flesh crawl. They put a blindfold on you, spin you around and around and around like a little kid until the world is spinning so fast you can’t stand up straight. You don’t know which way is up. And your teammates, owners and coaches must be just as lost as you are, because they lack the intelligence, moral instincts or guts to tell you how you are being used. Maybe others have tried to reason with you. I don’t know but I doubt it.

    We are in the End Times and that means we are ALL running out of time. Sin must go. If sin does not go we go to hell. Once we go to hell, no one is getting out. Ray Lewis, Anthony LoBaido and all of us must pay off our cosmic debts and stop lying to ourselves. We have to clean out all of the deadly sins and seek only righteousness. Now. Today!

    We all need to read Galatians 5, which lists the things that those who ARE NOT saved and bound for hell do and make sure we DO NOT do them. II Timothy 3 speaks of the character of man in the so called “End Times.” II Thessalonians 2 speaks of the great lies and delusion which will create the gulf between the II Timothy 3 monsters and those who don’t do the things listed in Galatians 5. We can’t live with one foot in each world anymore. They are moving apart at an alarming rate.

    I: The Bloomberg/Ray Lewis award for double-mindedness goes to Mike Piazza: The New York Mets catcher/first baseman went to see the Pope in Rome and gave him a New York Mets baseball jersey. He then topped that all off with an interview with Playboy magazine. In a close second place is Piazza’s teammate Al Leiter, who actually stomps on the campaign trail for Bloomberg. Leiter is being groomed for office by Bloomberg and the Republicans. He looks nice, his wife Lori is quite pretty, he’s Catholic and rich and famous and from New Jersey. (Not sure of the exit though. “You’re from Jersey? What exit?”) However, how can you be a Catholic and support the world’s second greatest abortion monger after Hillary Clinton? What does II Thessalonians 2 say about “the strong delusion?”

    J: Need Another Seven Astronauts: NASA was once a source of pride for Americans. The recent politically correct mission featured – for some bizarre reason aimed at creating an anti-Islamic unity -- a woman from India, (India is a strong ally of Israel now, as is Turkey) an Israeli pilot, a New Age American woman and other politically correct people. Now they are all DEAD. Is this the best cast of characters NASA has to offer us

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