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    One night it was colder than a welldiggers ass 4 of us decided to go on a coon hunt. One of those nights when it was so cold pistols had to be worn inside the clothes, mustaches froze solid and nothing alive or dead was moving, cept us dummies.

    Knowing all the critters would be holed up we were just planning on poking our noses into a few old barns and attics.

    We pulled into this farm place where the local rural mail carrier lives. Out back of his house there were a couple old silos, a barn and some other buildings.

    One silo was built into the barn. If I remember right we left the coonhounds in their boxes because of the cold and we didn't figure on getting anything.

    The four of us walked throught the barn. I remember poking my nose inside the silo and seeing silage piled up 6 feet or so. Didn't see anything in there so I moved on. Mike (bigboom338) came along behind me and checked the silo. The rest of us kept going and heard Mike yell COON. We ran back there and a coon came climbing out the door. It made a flying leap as I took a pot shot at it and it took off on the run. Mike was still in the silo hollering and said there are more coons in here. The three of us started to climb in.

    I don't remember Phil ever getting in there until most of them were shot but he might have. Phil is one of those guys who abhorrs live critters and would carry a 300 mag to kill coon if we let one get withing 15 feet of him. (I will have to tell the wolverine story next)

    I remember climbing in and having coons running around the circle of the walls. Myself Mike and Travis were standing in the middle on a high mound of silage. The coons had a path and holes aorund the outside edge. There was room to drop down and walk on this path in a circle along the walls.

    We were shooting coons and grabbing them by the tail and throwing them out the door. I am not sure but I bet Phil put an extra bullet in every one once it got out the door. This is all happening very fast. The three of us bouncing around yelling on the top of this mound and the fourth hanging in the door taking pot shots. Now a round concrete silo is not the best place to be firing guns. We had to make sure that we did not send a round into the concrete wall to have it bouncing around in there.

    We had shot up the first bunch of coons (this is when I believe Trav was screaming like a little girl when a coon ran up his leg) and were just poking around looking for more. Now as cold as it was everyone was froze and it was hard to see what you were doing from the thick clouds of our frozen breath. Travis was reloading his .22 revolver ($20.00 Sat night special) and his frozen hand slipped off the hammer and sent a round throught the finger of his glove and burned the skin on his finger. No blood but there was a round of swearing and the adrenalin factor did a small spike when the gun went off.

    I believe this was when Phil climbed in with us. Now we had 4 dummies with loaded guns on the inside of a concrete circle:rolleyes: We dropped down on that path and started poking our heads and pistols into holes in the silage. we started finding more coon. we would shoot one and pull it out. Sometimes we would have to grab a tail and pul it out untill we saw the head and then take the head shot. This was all close range work. 1 or 2 feet up an personal type shooting. In one spot the coons had a tunnel and we had to break off a huge hunk of silage. it took 3 or 4 of us to lift it out of the way and we found a hidey hole full of coons behind it.

    We were sure we had got them all and climbed out of the silo. Myself and Phil took off tracking the first one that made it out the door. We folowed his tracks and blodtrail out and around for a while until we shot him holed up under another old building. We carried him back to the pile and started counting. 19 coon we got out of that one silo. We couldn't believe it. Knowing we had a full night of skinning and fleshing in front of us we headed for home. we did stop at one other place and got 2 more out of the ceiling of a old house.

    The whole time we were inside that silo shooting there was never a dull moment. Truth be told it was mostly sheer terror. Between the other guys shooting guns as fast as they could and coons running between our legs, over our feet, and around us, not to mention grabbing the dieing coons and throwing them out the door it is a wonder we didn't all soil our undies. Actually I think Mike did:D

    Here is a picture from that night.

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    You guys keep them stories coming, and what about the "Wolverine"? Lol! I bet that is another one that a guy falls back on as he pours a cold one.:)

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