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    I enjoy the American Thinker. I thought this was a great article and agree.

    September 14, 2012
    Obama Is a Spokesmodel for Tyranny
    By Stella Paul
    Barack Obama is not a real president, though he does play one on TV. So what is he? It's my contention that the bizarre creature currently residing in the White House is an attractive spokesmodel for our destruction, sponsored by America's mortal foes.

    The time for politely mincing words is over. After the Democrats booed God and Jerusalem at their national convention; after Obama refused to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as Israel faces nuclear destruction; after Obama enthroned the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East and then apologized for America when our embassies were fatally attacked there on 9/11 -- well, really, what's the point of making nice?

    Forget calling Obama "incompetent." This tiresome meme presupposes that Obama wants to do what's right for America but doesn't know how. Does anyone honestly believe that anymore?

    Yes, he's incompetent, in that he's a fairly unimpressive bloke with no skills, imagination, or ability to learn, who couldn't run a third-rate laundromat.

    But so what? His sponsors didn't install him for his competence. They installed him so that he could strut on the runways of the world, showing off his fashionable skin color and perfectly creased pants, while babbling whatever useful venom they put on his teleprompter.

    As the body of America's Libyan ambassador was dragged through the streets and three other American embassy workers lay dead, we learned that Obama attended only 38% of his intelligence briefings in 2012. In fact, he didn't attend a single intelligence briefing in the week preceding 9/11. So ask yourself: would the outcome be any different if he had?

    Of course not. Does L'Oréal spokesmodel Beyoncé attend board meetings in which the location of new factories or other nitty-gritty corporate business is decided? Why should she? Her job is to go out there and look good and sell the brand.

    And thus our Spokesmodel-in-Chief, who found no opening in his schedule to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu, somehow made the time to appear on the 9/11 radio show of "The Pimp with a Limp," fly to Las Vegas, and clown around with David Letterman. Next up is a fundraiser at the 40/40 Club in Manhattan with fellow spokesmodel Beyoncé, and a whirlwind of similar brand-promoting frippery, as the world burns.

    If you haven't figured out the nature of the brand that Obama is promoting, the Democrats helpfully informed us in their opening convention video: "The government is the only thing we all belong to." We all belong to the government, and the government is Obama -- so we all belong to Obama, that exciting celebrity with the big smile who loves to give us free stuff. And now that we've been docilely collectivized, our celebrity friend, "President Obama," can deliver us into submission at the hands of those who despise us.

    And thus, "President Obama" will have "more flexibility" to surrender to the Russians, whose warships he displayed at his convention, after his election. And when rabid Islamists storm American embassies, and sodomize and murder an American ambassador, the reaction of "President Obama's" White House is to abjectly apologize to the protestors for America's right to free speech. Meanwhile, "President Obama" weakens and undermines America's military, leaving us ever more vulnerable in an increasingly chaotic world.

    Who is this "President Obama" who puts such an appealing face on our destruction? Just a few weeks before the election, we still don't really know. Two gripping documentaries, 2016 and Dreams From My Real Father, portray different aspects of his background, exposing the America-hating fervor of his various mentors.

    A blockbuster hit, 2016 examines the anti-colonial politics of his purported father, the Harvard-educated Kenyan governmental economist, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. With its glossy production values brought to you by Schindler's List producer Gerald Molen, 2016 takes us on a fast-paced tour of Obama Sr.'s worldview, in which villainous America and the West must be humbled for deliberately ravaging the third world. Along the way, we meet freedom-hating influences on "President Obama," including terrorist emeritus Bill Ayers, leading Israel-basher Professor Edward Said, and card-carrying Communist agitator Frank Marshall Davis.

    It's Frank Marshall Davis who takes center stage in Joel Gilbert's fascinating documentary, Dreams From My Real Father. Gilbert contends that Davis was Obama's biological father and deploys some compelling physical and circumstantial evidence to make his point. Even Obama's pre-presidential nose job can't mask the physical resemblance of the two men, and Frank Marshall Davis's side job as a pornographer allowed him access to Obama's teen mother, as Gilbert's photo cache dismayingly proves.

    But whoever spawned "President Obama," the end result is the empty, angry Spokesmodel-in-Chief, whose sponsors now hold our fate in their hands. While Obama preens and prances around the country, the real workers continue their destruction of our national security and economy, strangling us with a $16-trillion debt and another threatened downgrade. The Spokesmodel saw no need to attend any job council meetings as 23 million Americans suffered without work; those jobs could be destroyed without any personal input from him.

    Now the Spokesmodel's contract is up for renewal, and like all successful celebrities, he's demanding we pay a higher price for his services. If he wins, many Americans may be forced to pay the ultimate price.

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    Thanks for posting that. Excellent article.

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