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DO NOT BUY A TALON! There have been numerous cases of slide failure and injury with the Talon T200 9mm. IDK about the .380 ACP but they are basically the same gun with a similar alloy slide and frame. Some failures have occurred with less than 50 rounds though them. I wouldn't take the chance.

The Makarov is a very reliable gun as far as I've seen. They tend to work best with full metal jacketed bullets but some hollow points work well too. You might have to experiment. I would stick with the European versions. Russian, German etc. as opposed to Chinese copies. Workmanship tends to be better.

9x18 Makarov is powered between the .380 ACP and 9mm Parabellum. They all have the same bullet diameter but ammo is NOT interchangeable. The cases are different in length 9x17, 9x18,and 9x19 as well as the power difference. If you buy a military surplus model do not use "hot" hand loads or +P ammunition but standard loads are fine. Surplus ammo works good for the most part but are sometimes loaded with a more corrosive powder. Clean well after using.
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