The Taurus Judge

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  1. The Count

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    May 29, 2010
    Good link, thanks
  2. hunter29180

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Church Hill TN
    While this is a very good read, we have to remember its scope is entirely handgun BULLETS, the artical never addressed shotgun shotshells.

    I will maintain in a Self defence or Home defence situtation the distances involved will usually be under 12 ft. Now with a 5 shot JUDGE loaded 410 defensive load..(4 pellets 00),45lc,410,45lc,410..any one I am firing at actually has 2, 45lc bullets and 3 x 4= 12 pellets (count as 9mm bullets) comming at them, at the velocities the manufacturer stated Penatration isnt a problem. and at 12 ft I will have what 14? chances to hit a vital organ or central nervious system as recommended in the artical? NOt BAD ODDS! not if all 5 shots are 00 then that increases to 20! and at 12 ft something will hit! most likely at least 50% of those pellets will hit!

    so slough off the JUDGE if you want..I can put 5 shots (20) count them 20, 9mm sized pellets your way faster than you can empty your semi-auto...
    Match that firepower.. like a SWARM of LEAD!:eek:

  3. CampingJosh

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    Sep 25, 2007
    It doesn't have to make sense; it's the law.

    The Judge is a .45 Colt revolver. It has a rifled barrel (and therefore is not a shotgun). It just has an extra-long .45 Colt chamber that can fit and safely fire the .410 shot shell.

    According to federal law, the Judge is a handgun.
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