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'The Tennessean' Shotgun

Discussion in 'The Ask the Pros & What's It Worth? Forum' started by CountryGunsmith, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Jan 29, 2003
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    (9/9/02 8:29:43 pm)
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    I have a 12 gauge shotgun, made in Chattanooga TN dated 1906. It's called The Tennessean. I am thinking of selling it and want to know about what it's worth and where I might sell it? If anyone knows anything about this gun, I'd appreciate the info.

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    (9/10/02 7:34:28 am)
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    Welcome to TFF impalaman.

    Keep checking back.....one of our experts should be along shortly.

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    Re: What's a "The Tennessean" shotgun made in chat
    Most of my shotgun references are at the shop, but Ill go from memory. Should be a single-barrel shotgun with hammer. Those shotguns were (I believe) made by HD Folsom for sale/distribution through a national hardware chain. Value would be somewhat less than $100.