The Truth Hurts

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    Here is a commentary from today's Sierra Times that hit the nail right on the head. We all need to become active and press to reverse the trend.


    A Government Out of Control
    By Alan Burkhart

    Whether you consider yourself liberal, conservative, or somewhere in-between, you have to be wondering just what in the world is going on with our nation these days. Our government seems to be populated by extremists of every sort... leftist nutcases want to wreck our healthcare system by nationalizing it. Right-wing kooks want to turn America into a police state.
    Illegal immigrants have weighed down our welfare system nearly to the point of bankruptcy. Cocaine and heroin continue to wreck lives while law enforcement arrests good, honest people for having half a joint in a bedroom ashtray. We spend billions of dollars on airport security only to have some freak smuggle himself across the nation (by air) in a wooden crate. Sexual orientation has become a national issue (how is this even possible?). Tree-hugging environmentalists want us to drive non-performing electric cars that look like inverted washtubs on wheels. Politicians change their stances more often than their underwear...

    It would appear that the so-called "fence" is down and politicians are trampling it as those on either side move about looking for votes. Our supposedly conservative president is spending money like water. The Congressional Black Caucus has stiffed its own people in favor of courting Hispanic votes. Republicans have betrayed businesses by giving in to the demands of liberal Democrats (the "New Tone" at work). Democrats are kneeling at the altar of Big Business and labor unions are courting illegal immigrants. These people are spending too much time looking for ways to increase their own political power and not nearly enough on the issues that their constituents feel are important.

    They are ignoring their responsibilities while North Korea is building a nuclear arsenal… while Communist China continues to grow in power… while Islamic terrorists acquire even deadlier weapons… while the Communist Party operates freely on American soil… while American children continue to fall behind the rest of the world in school… and while unemployment remains entirely too high. And all the while, government exercises more and more power over the people.

    Activists can blather all they wish about the evils of "Big Tobacco" and "Big Oil." Phillip Morris can't arrest you if you quit smoking. Exxon can't put a gun to your head if you buy gas at Texaco. Only Big Government has the right to use the threat of imprisonment and lethal weaponry to force its will upon the people. Only government can take your property for it's own use. Only government can censor you, silence you, tax you, or imprison you... with impunity.

    The most serious threat Americans face today is not some faceless corporation nor is it a group of Islamic Extremists with a grenade launcher. Our worst threat comes from the game-playing and greed of a government spinning out of control in a mad struggle for dominance between the Elitist Liberal Left and the Pompous Conservative Right. Average, everyday Americans have become the rope in a vicious tug of war between two juggernauts. Our government cannot protect us from terrorism, provide fair law enforcement, protect the rights of the citizens, or even build a decent highway when it is at war with itself.

    That war will end only when the citizenry stands up and speaks with one voice. The citizens must demand an end to the lies, the posturing, and the wastefulness of those we hired by way of the vote to run our nation for us. An employer would not tolerate such dangerous and irresponsible behavior on the part of his employees. Why then should we, the employers of government, tolerate behavior that is destructive to the nation we all cherish?

    As Americans, we must realize that our troubles extend far beyond partisan politics. This is no longer just about "The Darn Democrats" or "The Rascally Republicans." It's about keeping America safe from harm. It's about continuing the fragile rebound of our economy. It's about fixing a system of education that has been broken by teacher's unions that are little more than a front for the Communist Party. It's about Americans losing their jobs when those jobs are sent overseas to escape an economic environment hostile to business. It's about many of our remaining jobs being stolen away by illegal immigrants and the greedy, lawless people who hire them and pay them peanuts. Americans must stand up and force the stuffed shirts in Washington to quit their bickering and DO THE JOB WE HIRED THEM FOR.

    ©2003, The Sierra Times
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    Great post, Marlin. Thank you.

    This is one of those posts which will set some to complaining about our constantly harping on what's wrong today. However, this is what we need to work on. That which is good about our country doesn't need much work, just maintenance. That which is going sour on us is what we need to talk about and take steps to correct.

    Fire up that letter mill, folks. Tell your hired hands that they can be fired. Be cautious about whom you hire to take the place of rascals. Don't vote just issues, but be aware of the character and fortitude of those you put into places of power.


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    What comes to mind is that these WHORES are
    giving prostitution a bad name !

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    I think the "maintenence crew" has been out to lunch, for a long time. Here in the not so wonderful state of N.J. thereis a movement called "GRIP". Get rid of incumbent politicians. Time will tell if it suceeds. One thing to remember, dirty and corrupt politics was invented here, upgraded elsewhere.:cool:
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