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(5/25/01 1:08:35 pm)
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The Wall
This is one of the most touching things I have read about The Wall. I think it was on here before the attack and since Memorial Day is fast upon us I thought it appropriate that it be here again. Welcome home to you all, thank you for your service, and may God, whatever you conceive him to be, bless you and yours.

Mike L

The Other Side Of The Wall by Patrick Camunes

At first there was no place for us to go until someone put up that "Black Granite Wall." Now, everyday and night, my Brothers and my Sisters wait to see the many people from places afar file in front of this "Wall." Many stopping briefly and many for hours and so that come on a regular basis. It was hard at first, not that it's gotten any easier, but it seems that many of the attitudes towards that Vietnam War we were involved in have changed. I can only pray that the ones on the other side have learn something, and more "Walls" as this one, needn't be built.

Several members of my unit, and many that I did not recognize, have called me to The Wall by touching my name engraved upon it. The tears aren't necessary, but are hard even for me to hold back. Don't feel guilty for not being with me, my Brothers. This was my destiny as it is yours, to be on that side of The Wall. Touch The Wall, my Brothers, so that we can share in the memories that we had. I have learn to put the bad memories aside and remember only the pleasant times that we had together. Tell our other Brothers out there to come and visit me, not to say Good-bye but to say Hello and be together again ... even for a short time ... and to ease that pain of loss that we all still share.

Today, an irresistible and loving call summons me to The Wall. As I approach, I can see an elderly lady ... and as I get closer, I recognize her---It's Momma! As much as I have looked forward to this day, I have also dreaded it, because I didn't know what reaction I would have.

Next to her, I suddenly see my wife and immediately think how hard it must have been for her to come to this place, and my mind floods with the pleasant memories of 30 years past. There's a young man in a military uniform standing with his arm around her---My God!---he has to be my son! Look at him trying to be the man without a tear in his eye. I yearn to tell him how proud I am, seeing him standing tall, straight and proud in his uniform.

Momma comes closer and touches The Wall, and I feel the soft and gentle touch I had not felt in so many years. Dad has crossed to this side of The Wall, and through our touch, I try to convey to her that Dad is doing fine and is no longer suffering or feeling pain. I see my wife's courage building as she sees Momma touch The Wall and she approaches and lays her hand on my waiting hand. All the emotions, feelings and memories of three decades past flash between our touch and I tell her that ... it's all right ... carry on with your life and don't worry about me .... I can see as I look into her eyes that she hears and a big burden has been lifted from her on wings of understanding.

I watch as they lay flowers and other memories of my past. My lucky charm that was taken from me and sent to her by my CO . . . a tattered and worn teddy bear that I can barely remember having as I grew up as a child . . . and several medals that I had earned and were presented to my wife. One is the Combat Infantry Badge that I am very proud of, and I notice that my son is also wearing this medal. I had earned mine in the jungles of Vietnam and he had probably earned his in the deserts of Iraq.

I can tell that they are preparing to leave, and I try to take a mental picture of them together, because I don't know when I will see them again. I wouldn't blame them if they were not to return, and can only thank them that I was not forgotten. My wife and Momma near The Wall for one final touch, and so many years of indecision fear and sorrow are let go. As they turn to leave, I feel my tears that had not flowed for so many years, form as if dew drops on the other side of The Wall.

They slowly move away with only a glance over their shoulders. My son suddenly stops and slowly returns. He stands straight and proud in front of me and snaps a salute. Something draws him near The Wall and he puts his hand upon etched stone and touches my tears that had formed dew drops on the face of The Wall . . . and I can tell that he senses my presence and the pride and love I have for him. He falls to his knees and the tears flow from his eyes and I try my best to reassure him that it's all right, and the tears do not make him less of a man. As he moves back wiping the tears from his eyes, he silently mouths, "God Bless you, Dad ...."

God Bless, YOU, Son ... we WILL meet someday, but in the meanwhile, go on your way ... there is no hurry ... there is no hurry at all.

As I see them walk off in the distance, I yell out to THEM and EVERYONE there today, as loud as I can:


... and as others on this side of The Wall join in, I notice that the U.S. Flag, Old Glory, that so proudly flies in front of us everyday, is flapping and standing proudly straight out in the wind from our gathering numbers this day. . . and we shout again,and . . . again . . .. . . and again . . .


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(5/25/01 5:21:45 pm)
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Excellent Mike...another that will always be good especially near Memorial Day.
...and two hard boiled eggs.

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(1/5/02 10:36:44 am)
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"The Children of The Wall"
Who are the children of the wall,
they are many count us all.
We stand together both boy and girl,
brothers,sisters.Each one of us started out small, then
grew up big and tall.Standing side by side we are, some now with little
ones, like where we.
Dads went off to war you see, to a place in time we remember as Vietnam
so very long ago, across the ocean and the sea.
Some went down in the North, and some went down in the South, still
others were in the East and some into the West. Some in Laos too it
seems, while others who knows
only time will see.
My dads name is on panel three east for all to see, his children ,
grandchildren and family, and to any one who visits our capitol we call
To high for little ones to see, is Thomas Moore , MIA along with others
who share and bare , the crosses and stars we see.
Kimmies , dad is here also , another Air Force girl like me you
Air Force wings made of Silver, he flies on choppers for search and rescue, saving lifes
was Kimmies dad , till one day his chopper down, happened when she was
just a lass, i think some called her dad top class. Better known to some
as Jim, James Thomas is next to dad.
Not to far away you see , still standing tall and protecting this land
and me.
Chris' dad stands there to, just a few hundred feet or two, Stands so
tall up on this wall,
another name to tell to all. Richard Rich to some who see, Navy pilot,
wings made of Gold, Listen careful listen loud and listen bold.
Sams dad is there also, very close to my own dad. Sam Adams as some
along with Charles Dusing share the same story told. Told by Jasper Page
you'll hear
of the day , in my heart so dear. Three Airman once were Four, but
for the love of them all, Sgt. Page came home to tell all, of the
history of one day
when dad and three went into history.
Kimmies dad , Chris and Sams dad too. All heros stand together against
the tall black granite wall, along with others whose stories tell all.
Names so many its hard to count, picture them in dawns early lite, the
sun it shines upon their names, and set its self to moon lite beams.The
stars they shine from heaven site, and always their to protect the
My dad is on this wall forever, to share a place with his best friends,
Sam and Charles,
share the same panel just a few names keep them apart, yet in a land so
far away
is it possible they share the same grave. With other men upon the wall,
many stories
need to tell all, Jim is there and Rich is too. These are only a few.
MIA , POW, KIA these are but a few. I have so many sisters and brothers
its true
and with each one their dads are there, sharing a name upon the land,
and on this wall
for all to see, comes the story of history, All the children , some you
know, have this story that must be told.
With this story comes a chance, that soon our dads will come home at
With the honor bestowed on us, we take th blood once given to us, and
with our love
and ever strength and faith, we share our tears, with a heros face.
I know of many story told, like mine and Kimmies, Chris and Sam. These
are but four
across the land, thousands more are just like me.We sometimes laugh we
some times cry, sometimes yell and and sometimes tell. How much we know
how much we care
the love and support we all do share. We are the "CHILDREN OF THE WALL"
Dedicated to Kimmie, Chris, Sam Jr. and all my brothers and sisters
of all the men
who loved, laughed, sang, danced, gave us hugs by morning lite, then off
they went to
challenge the fight, gave up their children and their wives, gave up
their freedom and their lives.
Diane Moore, PDO Cmsgt Thomas Moore,USAF MIA/POW 10-31-65
august 9, 1999

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(1/8/02 11:07:32 am)
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the Wall
What a tremendous poem Norad. I am sad for your loss but cheered by your ability to memorialize men of flesh. Men who did their duty and gave all.

Again, it is a wonderful memorial to Dad and others.

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(1/8/02 7:51:28 pm)
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Re: the Wall
Welcome Aboard norad65!

I agree with Homer, indeed an exellent poem my friend!

Hope you will join us as often as possible and in as
many of the forums as you like!

The Firearms Forum Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board Contact Administrator

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(1/10/02 7:09:55 pm)
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I must apologize to you for over-looking your poem. Didn't mean to, just get to wandering on here and forget where I am at.

I have to agree with the above posters, you posted a very nice poem. Thank You!

I will be looking for you, perhaps you will come and visit us again soon. - Hope

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(1/10/02 9:35:33 pm)
| Del The Wall/Children of the Wall
Thank you all for your kind and heart felt replies on my poem Children of the Wall, . I sat there one night after meeting my husband and other MIA kids like me and words just started to flow, I have written to my dad in poetry several times through out the years. Just kinda of talking with dad. When you are 11 years old you don't think that your dad will never come home, . So now 36 years later, every now and then lots of words just come to life.

Thanks for all you do here in your forumns and thank you for the jobs you all did in Vietnam.
if any one gets a chance visit dads web pages at


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(1/10/02 11:40:14 pm)
| Del Re: The Wall/Children of the Wall

Well here I am, I told you I would be looking for you.

What a beautiful tribute to your Father and what no better way then to talk with your Father through the beauty of a poem. I am sure he looks down from Heaven and says, "See everyone, that's my daughter".

Thank you again norad for coming to our site and I hope that you will return to us real soon. You are what helps make up our site that we all so proudly call home and I hope you will call it one of your homes also.

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