The war with the VA just continues.....

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    mt pari
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    Just returned from a trip to see Jer, while there he had several of his friends drop in..all VN vets, normally I just listen to the this and that's, especially when you get one or two that have a few to many, normally I am immune to them.. But it was hard for me this time. I have heard the anger and distrust for the VA many times before but somehow this time really took it's toll on me, because I am dealing first hand with the VA and see what it is.

    What started it was the VA sent Jer a letter for a P&C appointment to upgrade his disability (I was going through his mail and paying his bills). He has not been able to work since 94' due to combat related injuries and problems. This is the 3rd time he has attempted the procedure, each time giving up because he get's tired of the B.S. involved, so he sits at the same 40% he has had for years. Well, the letter was sent while he was in the VA hospital with double Pneumonia. Because he missed the appointment, they closed his case..?? I called to explain what had happened and that he was hospitalized at the time the letter was sent and the appointment given and have been told I have to see if they will reopen it or if he has to start all over again?? I don't get it!! He did 3 combat tours over there, the last one only lasted 7 months in Nam and the remaining time recouping in a VA hospital, is there no justice?

    Why does this have to be so hard? I notice they love to give medications galore. What is with this ridiculous and repetitive paper trail they require and why?

    Anyway, then all his friends started in, one by one and I am amazed at the anger they all have, with many a story that would curl more than a head of hair. One said he was injured 3 times in one year as a gunner at the ages of 18-19 and was told as long as he could work he needed nothing, that was in 1971 and he has never gone back.

    I feel so helpless in helping Jer, I committed to helping him go through the entire process this time, doing all the paper work, etc. But this is baloney, when they can't even check their own records from over the years and need more authorization, from more "professionals" ..Is it job security or what.. I am really upset over this and when Jer heard, he nearly lost it..I white lied and told him all I had to do was reschedule..what if they won't?

    Wasn't the dang war enough? Just had to vent..this really has got me. Now I see why Jer just gave up before, but I won't..I am not giving up.

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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the letter of notification that Jer got it says that failure to report for C & P "could jeopardize" any monetary benefits and that the request goes back to Regional as a "Failure to report"...supposedly this is due to the "timeframe" set by the Central Office in D. C. You wont have to start all over except from the Regional office. Keep up the fight!

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    PI--PI--PI--. Some unit commanders used to hate those letters when they would appear in a members jacket
    (record), and sometimes their wrath was justified, for there were pitiful cases at times when that member may just want some special attention. Political Influence is sometimes the way the game must be played--don't call on the phone--take the time to send a cable or write a letter. Max Clelland (former VA boss) or John McCain are good places to start if your local congress persons are mute to your attempts to help someone. Put it in writing--I cannot stress that enough--go up the chain as much as you can--accept blame if things were not done according to time tables. IT IS NOT CARVED IN STONE!!! Waivers can be and are accepted. Good luck. wilborn

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    Re: The war with the VA just continues.....
    JW's absolutely right. Get your (his) representative and senator involved. If that doesn't work go to the top of the VA and also to the chairman of the house committee of Veterans Affairs who used to be Bob Stump as well as the chairman of (senate) veterans affairs committee who used to be Arlen Specter.
    The right people need to be informed and I assure you the ball with start rolling.

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    Thanks guys, I just spent over 45 minutes on the phone, on hold and with three different numbers given to me to call. I told them to check their own records to see that Jer was in the hospital at that time. Finally, a nice lady said she would reschedule.

    Still, why does it have to be this hard? I know two vets that receive(ed) 100% and if there is/was anything wrong with them, I haven't seen it in the over 25+ years I have known them. They claimed PTSD.. one of them spent five years researching and hounding them until he got it. Not a thing wrong with him except he is a lazy drunk, but smart, knows how to hire the lawyers (went through 4 to find one that would help him) and stuck it out. He claimed PTSD and a bad back, yet I have seen him carry a case of beer like it was a bottle oof water, got the doc at the VA center giving him Valium for his back pains (ouch!!) Now he gets over $2,900 a month, has a new van and lives like a king. hmmmmmmm. The other one died of alcohol poisoning last year, the money didn't help him do a thing. Was a drunk before he went to Nam.

    Is it cases like this that make it so hard for the ones in need, or is the VA just that way? Thanks for the names and all, I wrote them down. I would love to see Jer get his 100%, he earned it and has suffered too many years as it is.

    Start my radiation today..Oh BOY!! ugh..

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    Local State representatives ,Congressional Reps for your State as well as the Senate as others have suggested Pari.

    The lousy loafs in this Country are very good at the game.

    Piss on the rotten bastards!!!

    Do hope that things begin to roll again for Jer.
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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