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    It seems like it is ‘another day another Jihadi’, in the USA, with an arrest made by the FBI, this time, a Muslim convert from Maryland.

    All the liberal media can say is ‘entrapment’. So be it, another Anti American dirt bag off the streets.

    In the UK this week, we have reports of the SAS patrolling shopping centers in hope of deterring a terrorist attack in the days leading up to Christmas. Not to mention another ‘band aid’ solution implemented, with the Government paying for Security Guards to be in place at Jewish Schools.

    No one, no where of any significant power or authority has stood up and stated that the mass immigration of Muslims is a dismal failure, nor have they attempted to implement any realistic laws or policies to deal with these failings.

    Geert Wilders traveled to Israel and gave an empowering and factually correct speech about the issues of the so-called Palestinians. It has never ever been about land and never will. Bibi stand strong.

    Reports continue to come in from Europe about the persecution of Jews and now Christians at the hands of Muslims. Although the Governments are doing little except stating that their Country is no longer safe for Jews to live in, the people ARE kicking back.

    Special kudos to the Nordic countries who are leading the fight.

    I will leave it to the Master Orator and Peoples Champion who said:

    “Because it is here that our civilization is under attack as we speak. It is here that we, men and women of the West, must show our resolve to defend ourselves. It is here that Israel has lit the light of freedom and that Europeans and Americans must help the Israelis to keep that light shining in the darkness. For Israel’s sake and for the sake of all of us” – Geert Wilders- Tel Aviv, Israel, December 5th 2010.

    Vin 11th December 2010.


    Countries/ topics in order in this note are :

    The Fallen, Must read, Minorities, OhBummer, USA, Canada, Israel, England, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Photo Captions

    ♦ The Fallen

    Pfc. David "Dustin" Finch 24, of Humboldt, Tennessee, died 8 December 2010.

    Spc. Kelly J. Mixon, 23 of Yulee, Florida, died 8 December 2010.

    Army Sergeant James A. Ayube Jr., 25, of Salem, Massachusetts, died, 8 December 2010.

    Lance Cpl. Michael E. Geary, 20, of Derry, New Hampshire died 08 December 2010.

    Sgt. Jason D. Peto, 31, of Vancouver, Washington died 07 December 2010.

    Marine Cpl. Derek A. Wyatt 25, of Akron, Ohio, died 06 December, 2010.

    Pfc. Colton W. Rusk, 20, of Orange Grove, Texas, died 06 December 2010.

    Marine Sgt. Nicholas J. Aleman 24, of Brooklyn, New York, died 05 December 2010.

    Private John Howard, 23 of Wellington, New Zealand, died 05 December 2010.

    Army Staff Sgt. Jason A. Reeves 32, of Odessa, Texas; died 05 December, 2010.

    ♦ Must read

    Geert Wilders in Israel (youtube)




    Geert Wilders in Tel Aviv: 'Your country is the cradle of Western civilization'


    Must see youtube:

    Islamic Crusades an Introduction

    Islamic Crusades 1: The Occupation of Constantinople

    Islamic Crusades 2: Before Islam... Egypt, Iran, Iraq

    Islamic Crusades 3: The Co-Option of Jerusalem

    Islamic Crusades 4: Lessons from the Thai Jihad

    Islamic Crusades 5: Why did they hate us in 1783?

    Islamic Crusades 6: India's Millennial Burden

    We distort, you decide- Gadi Adelman

    Youtube terror TV

    The Middle East problem (youtube)

    Allah - the Moon God

    Hand Book shows Islamic Circle of North America's true goals

    Jihad Chic: Imam Rauf’s “Gift of Reconciliation”’s-gift-of-reconciliation/

    Who killed Netanyahu-Clinton deal for construction freeze extension?

    Arrest Made in Afghan Disfigurement Case

    America to Talk Nukes with Iranian Islamists

    NY Times downplays Saudis as main source of funding for global terrorism

    'Frankenbombers': Al Qaeda hatches plot to implant explosives into suicide bombers

    New site feature: YouTube Jihadis video hall of shame

    Traveling with Islam

    Murder has a religion

    American, apologists for Islam

    Multiculturalism hits the wall

    Before you boycott Israel- Must see youtube

    Murdering while Muslim

    Army star: Islam poses threat to U.S.

    Assimilation Won't Stop Jihad by Pamela Geller

    ♦ Minorities

    Christians in Afghanistan

    Christians in Indonesia,-Archbishop-calls-for-calm-20211.html

    Christians in Iran

    Christians in Iraq



    Christians in Pakistan

    Christians in Somalia


    ♦ OhBummer

    OhBummers war on Chris Christie

    WikiLeaks exposes OhBummer,7340,L-3996770,00.html

    Saudis fall for OhBummer Muslim joke

    OhBummer ignores missile crisis

    ♦ USA

    Israel Slammed For Rejecting Non-Existent Obama 'Offer' On Building Freeze

    The Anti-Israel Mentor of Obama's Interim Chief of Staff

    An IPT Investigation: Islamic Group's Database Found to be Fraudulent

    Home grown hate crimes against our troops

    Muslim Converts called to terrorize U.S. citizens

    Al Qaeda looking to make new friends on Facebook

    The erosion of morals and values

    12 American Jihadis

    New York Muslims to mark Muharram Majalis at Park51

    Alive! Fresh video emerges of U.S. soldier held by the Taliban for 18 months

    Wal-Mart joins homeland security (article and vid)

    Islamic website tied to MP's stabbing resurfaces under new name

    Muslim Group Has Trained 2,200 TSA Officers

    Up to 25% of freed Gitmo detainees return to terrorism


    CALIFORNIA: Update: Your Muslims Bakery suspects sentenced

    COLORADO: Muslim Republican Puts Religion First - Switches Parties...

    CONNECTICUT: Convicted Felon under arrest for buying body armor from Hong Kong

    FLORIDA: Ex chairman of CAIR to remain on Human Rights Commission

    Exchange student that wrote ‘death to America’ speaks out

    Group's DVD: Ahmed Linked To Terrorism

    GEORGIA: Commission rejects Lilburn mosque rezoning request

    ILLINOIS: (Update) Chicago terrorism trial on track for February

    Terror suspect hires big-name lawyers

    MARYLAND: Attack on Army base foiled,0,6333998.story


    Insight: We were born in order to die

    MICHIGAN: School drops Helen Thomas award

    NEW YORK: Judge dismisses challenge to targeted killing

    Counter terrorism teams deployed around shopping centers

    Father in foiled NYC subway plot pleads not guilty

    St. Nicholas Church sues Port Authority, claims that agency is blocking church's reconstruction

    OREGON: Lane College drops Act for Americas course on Islam after CAIR complains

    ♦ Canada

    Dreams of a Muslim-Canadian space launch

    Toronto youth ‘brainwashed’ with extremist views of Islam

    CSIS wins three court rulings on terrorism suspect Harkat

    ♦ Israel

    Geert Wilders in Israel


    No deal on settlement freeze extension,7340,L-3995909,00.html

    IDF bombs Gaza tunnel, weapons cache,7340,L-3995988,00.html

    European MPs: Giving Up Gaza was a Mistake

    Court expels Hamas' Abu-Tir from Israel,7340,L-3996441,00.html

    Rallies held worldwide for Gilad Shalit,7340,L-3997257,00.html

    Palestinian mortars pound southern Israel, 1 wounded

    IDF arrests Hamas MP at Gaza checkpoint,7340,L-3997313,00.html

    IDF: Hamas is upgrading anti-tank capabilities in Gaza

    ♦ England

    Anger as schools drop Christian assemblies in favor of multi-faith sessions

    SAS hit squads are protecting packed shopping centers from terrorists

    Takeaway owner jailed after staging 'amateurish' robbery

    Chatham Muslims consider Mosque

    Islamists raise fears of violent 'clash of cultures' in Europe

    Video: CCTV catches the moment a disorientated arsonist face-plants a pole,life,video,petrol-bomber-runs-into-a-lamppost?DCMP=NLC-daily

    EDL searches for foreign allies

    Government to pay for security guards at Jewish Schools

    ♦ Australia

    Cruelty throws spotlight on live sheep trade

    23 citizens have been added to a US terrorism watch list because of their activities in Yemen.

    11 years jail for Muslim who kidnapped and raped a blind woman

    Preacher 'snapped' and stabbed former neighbor

    Newcastle: Muslims looking to move into a purpose built 8300 sqm (27400 sq ft), Mosque

    ♦ Indonesia

    Sharia vigilante violence rife in Aceh: report

    Maids undeterred by Saudi horrors

    2 people caned in Aceh, for extramarital kiss

    'Terror trainer' Abu Tholut arrested

    People smuggles set to be extradited to Australia have been freed

    ♦ Philippines

    Negotiating peace with the Philippine MILF

    Muslim commander arrested in Maguindanao

    Hundreds of families flee as fighting breaks out in North Cotabato

    Military to remain alert despite ceasefire

    .Soldiers kill Ampatuan clan militia in clash

    ♦ Malaysia

    Child marriage defended

    Malaysia urged to stop caning epidemic

    Malaysia struggles with baby abandonment

    ♦ China

    Boost for Muslims' religious facilities

    ♦ India

    Bomb explodes at bathing point killing girl

    Varanasi blast: 45 injured, one girl child killed, 5 critical including foreigners; Indian Mujahideen claims responsibility.

    Blast masterminds now in West Asia

    ♦ Pakistan

    At least '50' people killed in suicide bomb attack

    16 killed, 26 hurt in Pakistan suicide blast

    17 killed as explosives laden car rams hospital

    Suspected drone strike kills 4 in Pakistan

    US bans contractor due to its alleged misconduct involving a $150 million project

    Suicide attack on Balochistan chief minister's convoy

    ♦ Afghanistan

    Afghan vice-president 'landed in Dubai with $52m in cash': WikiLeaks

    Suicide bomb hits army base, 2 NATO soldiers and 2 civilians dead

    Roadside bomb kills 15 civilians

    Gen Petraeus says US forces will remain until end of 2014

    English Soldier honored for saving life of local child

    US Army test smart rifle in Afghanistan

    ♦ Italy

    Two separate tragedies raise gusts of intolerance

    Muslim student with headphones during music hour

    ♦ Greece

    Authorities bow to Islam and speed up completion of first mosque

    ♦ Germany

    Angst about Muslims goes mainstream

    German Schools Embrace Islam

    Increased German police patrols linked to terrorism threat

    ♦ Sweden

    Ombudsman: student headscarf ban is wrong

    Al-Shabab members jailed for plotting Somali blasts

    ♦ Netherlands

    Sex abuse in Muslim families goes unreported

    No future for Dutch Orthodox Jews’

    5 suspected Somali pirates to be tried

    Immigrants Seeking Asylum in Europe Linked to Security Problems, Intimidation of Christians, Jews

    ♦ Russia

    Russia needs university to teach about Islam - official

    New Muslim organization set up in Russia

    Georgia Arrests Six Terrorist Suspects

    ♦ Turkey

    Turkey offers military hardware to Pakistan\12\08\story_8-12-2010_pg1_3

    Erdogan says Turkey will grow more in 2011

    Talks called off as Turkey's EU bid loses momentum

    Turkey's EU membership was "unquestionable" for Poland

    Azerbaijan, Turkey to start military equipment production next year

    ♦ Iran

    Iran claims nuclear advance day before talks

    Canadian resident sentenced to death

    Dissent is denial of God

    Iran placing medium-range missiles in Venezuela; can reach the U.S.

    Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, as well as her son and attorney, freed from prison.,7340,L-3997076,00.html


    Iran denies freeing woman

    ♦ Iraq

    Cleric Says Female Circumcision Recommended by Islam

    Attacks kill 4, including 2 policemen

    Detainee's wife appeals for help

    Security forces arrest 12 al-Qaeda members

    ♦ Palestine

    PLO: US failed, we'll turn to UN,7340,L-3996057,00.html

    Middle East peace talks: Settlement row 'crisis'

    Hamas: Resistance will free Palestine

    Hamas: Kill Christians and Jews "to the last one" (youtube)

    ♦ Saudi Arabia

    Husband has not seen wife’s face despite 10 years of marriage

    WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a 'cash point for terrorists'

    WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex

    Saudi Arabia: Fueling Religious Persecution and Extremism

    ♦ Egypt

    'Mossad may be behind Red Sea shark attacks',7340,L-3995302,00.html

    Egypt's ruling party sweeps parliament vote,7340,L-3995423,00.html

    ♦ Somalia

    Clan fighting leaves 20 dead

    Rapists stalk women in refugee camps

    Navy foils another piracy attempt off Somalia coast

    Government soldier killed, 300 insurgents killed

    Aid worker shot dead in ambush

    ♦ Sudan

    Male fashion show models fined for wearing ‘indecent’ makeup

    Government Seeking to Intensify Jihad

    603 slaves liberated
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    Jack, keep up the good work of exposing the "Religion of Peace" for what is really is.

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    New Mexico
    Oh my God Jack, it might take a month to check out all that information, wow I guess I might have to miss your next weekly update.

    Thanks for the ton of information.
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    all credit to Vin Ineco , and yes its been a busy week
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