The world is not coming to an end!

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  1. I think the bottom line on all this is that, deep down, the American people, taken as a whole, are neither far left liberals nor right-wing conservatives. Instead the majority of them are basically centrists with perhaps a rather strong orientation toward certain traditional American values--religion, strong defense, and the rights of the individual. The key to the 2008 election will be, I think, what happens in Iraq. That's what tipped this election, the perception (whether accurate or not) that we are rapidly getting ourselves into another quagmire like Vietnam. If Bush can get that situation under control within the next two years, and be perceived by the American people as having done so despite Democratic meddling, the 2008 election will be up for grabs. If not, the Republicans are in deep do-do.

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    WOW.....that is profound Dude.....:eek:

    (he says as he pours another shot of whisky to numb the pain...:(

    & wipes the tears from his red & swollen eyes...:( ).....:D :D

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    Nothing changed in my neck-o-the woods. The same ole same ole. Sen. Lott "R" and Congress Taylor "D". If it changed where you are, write to them and tell them what you "expect" of them. They don't know if you voted for them or not. Hound them. They work for you. (Ha Ha) We have been through this before and we will get through it again. I pray.
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    Maybe not, but things MAY never be the same again!

    Let me explain.

    Being that it seems that the major change was due to Iraq, it is up the (D)s to figure out if they want to pull the troops out or not since they now have the power to cut funding.

    If we run and surrender to the terrorist slash radical Islamists, it sure may seem like the world is coming to an end. It might actually be the end for countries like Israel. They will be so emboldened by their major victory over the Great Satan (USA), that they will be on extra attack mode. As already seen in the new thread that I posted.

    But the big picture, the way that I see it is like this. The (D)s don’t see that we are at war with radical Islam, as illustrated by there own statements like, it is a Sunni Shiites civil war. And things like there are no terrorist in Iraq, shows me they are out of touch with the war that was declared on us.

    I found an interesting stat the other day, there are around one billion Islamists and an estimated 10% are of the radical kind. That is a shitload of people that will kill themselves to off a few “Christians” slash infidels. I hope that the (D)s have a higher IQ than the terrorists do, because we saw how smart they were, ala 9/11 right?

    I’m not really holding out much hope on the higher IQ thing, as they don’t even understand what the oath of office is. To uphold the constitution.

    So I’ll hand it to you that indeed the world is not coming to an end yet, but the sky might be falling with radioactive fallout.

    this or even this
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    We will make it thru it. Some off the laws they make are gonna suck thou
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