They are watching facebook, twitter, youtube...

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    EXCLUSIVE: W.H. collects Web users' data without notice
    Social-media messages go into archives

    By Audrey Hudson (Contact)

    The White House is collecting and storing comments and videos placed on its social-networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without notifying or asking the consent of the site users, a failure that appears to run counter to President Obama's promise of a transparent government and his pledge to protect privacy on the Internet.

    Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said the White House signaled that it would insist on open dealings with Internet users and, in fact, should feel obliged to disclose that it is collecting such information.

    "The White House has not been adequately transparent, particularly on how it makes use of new social media techniques, such as this example," he said.

    Defenders of the White House actions said the Presidential Records Act requires that the administration gather the information and that it was justified in taking the additional step of asking a private contractor to "crawl and archive" all such material. Nicholas Shapiro, a White House spokesman, declined to say when the practice began or how much the new contract would cost.

    Susan Cooper, a spokeswoman for National Archives and Records Administration, said the presidential records law applies to "social media" and to public comments "received by the president or immediate staff."

    Mr. Obama signed a memo in January stating that his efforts to maintain an open government would be "unprecedented" and "ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation and collaboration."

    An Obama campaign document on technology pledged that, as president, Mr. Obama "will strengthen privacy protections for the digital age and will harness the power of technology to hold government and business accountable for violations of personal privacy."

    In a June 5, 2008, article in PC Magazine, Mr. Obama said, "The open information platforms of the 21st century can also tempt institutions to violate the privacy of citizens. We need sensible safeguards that protect privacy in this dynamic new world."
    The National Legal and Policy Center, a government ethics watchdog, said archiving the sites would have a "chilling effect" on Web site users who might wish to leave comments critical of the administration.

    Ken Boehm, a lawyer and chairman of the center, also disputed that the presidential records law applies, because the comments are pasted onto a third-party Web page and not official correspondence with the president.

    "If the White House has nothing to hide, why is this cloaked in secrecy? Why won't they make the dollar amount this is going to cost public?" Mr. Boehm asked. "I don't think there is an expectation that this is being captured by the government and saved."

    But Patrice McDermott, director of, called the proposal "a positive development because it demonstrates a commitment from the Obama administration to meet its obligations under the Presidential Records Act."

    "Additionally, I am encouraged to see the administration recognizing that it must find a way to handle the ever-expanding amount of data generated electronically. I hope the rest of the executive branch will learn from the president's leadership on this issue," Ms. McDermott said.

    Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, called for congressional oversight of the practice of collecting data.

    "Given the administration's disappointing secrecy in other contexts, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee encourages Congress to conduct oversight to ensure compliance with the law, maximize transparency and protect individual privacy," Mr. Buttar said.

    According to the law, the term "presidential records" means documentary materials "created or received by the president, his immediate staff or a unit or individual of the Executive Office of the President whose function is to advise and assist the president, in the course of conducting activities which relate to or have an effect upon the carrying out of the constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President."

    "It includes any documentary materials relating to the political activities of the president or members of his staff, but only if such activities relate to or have a direct effect upon the carrying out of constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties of the President," the law says.

    David Almacy, who served as President George W. Bush's Internet director, said the Bush administration did not use the then-fledgling social-networking sites in the same manner as the Obama White House, except to upload presidential speeches onto iTunes. The White House, however, did archive comments posted to its official Web site.

    The proposal issued Aug. 21 calls for a contractor to "crawl and archive" social-networking Web sites where the White House maintains an official presence on seven networks: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo and Slideshare.

    The collection will include the comments, tags, graphics, audio and video posted by users who don't work for the White House.

    The White House has more than 333,000 fans on Facebook, and posts updates several times a day that draw hundreds of thousands of comments, both positive and negative. The White House has more than 1 million followers on Twitter and more than 87,000 subscribers on YouTube, where more than 400 videos of the president and White House briefings are posted.

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  2. red14

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    Aug 17, 2009
    N FLA
    And you are surprised? Did you read 1984? What do you think Big Brother is? Government.

  3. GunHugger

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    Jul 18, 2007
    SW PA
    Didn't you read the posters?


  4. Lotsdragon

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    Apr 5, 2009
    Potosi, Mo
    Yeah and you think they dont have a file already on each of us?
  5. Vladimir

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Issaquah WA
    To be fair the first paragraph says on "THEIR" sites. Frankly anything anyone posts on my site is saved too- because I don't delete it!
  6. Doc1911

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Every gun forum will be (or is) on their list. This sure feels like an invasion of my privacy. Though gun forums are forums that may be viewed by the GP, my posts are meant only for the members of that specific forum. BB has no right to read them any more than they have the right to read a letter I have written to my mother - this is my personal opinion, not necessarily the law.

    We ought to contact ACLU - and use them one time for our benefit. "The right to be let alone" (Brandeis and Warren, 1890).
  7. GunHugger

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    Jul 18, 2007
    SW PA
    "OBAMA NATION WATCH ~ Keeping an eye on our enemies Use this forum to report traitors, dissenter's and others who are a danger to the Obama Nation."

    CLICK this link to read the thread...interesting reading;

    Is that website for real? Wow...if it is.

    NOTE: The thread linked to above has 107 pages and has just about every gun related discussion forum and website listed there. The list below was just the start of their "list". And you wonder where the trolls come from???

    List of website they think should be banned!

    Enemy list of rightwing gun boards:

    Fal Board at......

    HK Board at.......

    Another HK Board..

    CETME Board....

    AK Board at ...

    AK Board at .....

    AK Board at ....

    AK Board at....

    AK board at.......

    in Russian at.....

    Valmet / Galil Board at .....

    Valmet Weapons .....

    Galil Info Website ...

    Saiga Board ......

    AUG Board at......... http://STEYR-AUG.COM/

    Another AUG Board...

    Another AUG Board....

    FN Weapons Board ....

    SIG AMT board.....

    SIG 550 Board ....

    More Sig ..... at.......

    M4 Carbine ......

    Armalite site.....

    AR-180 Rifles ....

    XD Talk .....

    Ruger ....

    MAC Board at.........

    Robinson M96 Board.....

    Barrett 50 Cal Board....

    Stoner 25 Board....

    HAC 7 Holloway Arms Board.....

    Beltfed Board......


    M1 Garand Board....

    M14/M1 Garand/M1 Carbine Board ...

    M14/M1A .....

    1941 Johnson Board .....

    1911 Forum .......

    Beretta Forum ......

    Rimfire Board.....

    Uzi Board.............

    Another Uzi Board .....

    G43 Board ....

    Glock Board at.......

    Makarov Board at.....

    Swedish Weapons Website ....

    French Weapons.....

    French Weapons.....

    C & R Board ....

    C & R Board....

    9mm Largo Board ....

    Silencer Board .....

    Hundreds of links at.... >>

    More manuals >>>

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  8. JetGirl

    JetGirl Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    Wow...that reads like my daily browse...
  9. lockednloaded45

    lockednloaded45 New Member

    Apr 17, 2009
    southcentral MO
    if its all true, which it probably is, its just one more nail in the coffin of freedom (
  10. 45nut

    45nut Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    All I can say is:

  11. Doc1911

    Doc1911 New Member

    Jun 29, 2009
    This is all VERY TROUBLING and unsettling. That Pro Obama site is a disgrace to America.

    Does anyone have an alternate communication system set up in the event that such a 1st A. ban one day really takes place. How do we protect all our rights w/o communication? To be effective communication must be fast - i.e. the Internet in today's world.
  12. 22WRF

    22WRF Well-Known Member

    May 10, 2004
    This is an example of the pond scum posting on the Obomanation forum


    A posting sample "Soon enough bro, we gonna cut the bacon off the back of these fat ass whiteys"

    Lock and Load
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  13. Terry_P

    Terry_P New Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    This is another quote from they same numb n**s.

    You can tell he really walks the walk, I wonder how much Obama money we the government give him each week?
  14. carver

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    Jul 28, 2008
    DAV, Deep in the Pineywoods of E. Texas!
    Didn't Al Gore invent the internet? That would make the whole thing "theirs".
  15. PPK 32

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Frickin, Illinois
    Anything thats sent via the "air" waves is public, think of your cell, email, internet as public domain. This is not news to me. But if some dumb @s- wants to monitor my boring life--go for it. If they want my hardware, thats gonna be a problem.
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