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(1/2/03 5:37:13 pm)
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A couple of years ago I was seriously considering hiking the Appalachian Trail. I spent a lot of time on backpacking sites. The reason I didn't hike it was because I figured the stupidity of the people I'd meet on the trail would make me more miserable than the difficulty of the trail. Case in point: At one time there was a discussion on carrying firearms while hiking. OK, it wasn't much off a discussion, it was just me verbally jousting with everyone else! They treated me as some kind of nut who was going to go hiking/bearhunting. I didn't even start the post. People used every argument you could imagine against a firearm adding a level of security against man/animal attacks. Some argued that the bear belongs in the woods, not us, so it's just a risk we take. Someone piped in I was more likely to shoot myself in the foot rather than save myself, ha ha. It continued insult after insult. Now one may think a left-minded person would receive the same treatment from right-minded individuals. Forward to: The Pink Pistols. Details sketchy but a group of gay men wanted to start a gay gun club, they sought to protect themselves from gay bashings (sometimes resulting in death). None of the liberal groups would have anything to do with them. The right-wing pro-gunners were their only hope. In desperation they reached out...They couldn't believe the unanimous unbiased warm receptions they received. I forget where I read that one.
The fight for freedom is not fought overseas in distant lands with guns, missles and bombs. It is fought here with words, pen and paper and I fear, we are loosing it.
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