Things to do at Wal-Mart...

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    Things to do at Wal-Mart...
    copied this from Six's site....laughed my *ss off... especially like 6 & 7.... 12's good too....

    1. Set up a combat diorama in the toy aisle, between G.I.Joe and the X men!

    2. when the sales people aren't looking grab the phone and announce there is a sale on Sex toys and S&M devices in aisle 5, and again thank you for shopping at wal-mart!

    3. stuff things into your coat like your going to shoplift,then as you pass the door greeter,unzip your coat so it all falls on the floor before you exit and scream "psych" to the approaching security people!

    4. get orange juice at the Grocery section, then open it just a little and make a yellow line to the Mens room door!

    5. Upon hearing the paging system come on, fall on the floor in a fetal position and scream "NOOOOOO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!"

    6. Pick out the undercover loss prevention people and walk up and compliment them on the great job they are doing in a voice loud enough to draw the attention of everyone in the store!

    7. Go to sporting goods, buy a brick of .22 ammo, and when they ask if it's for a pistol or a rifle, tell them "OH! no it's for a belt fed general purpose machine gun!" and note the confused look on the sales girls face! (i got that one from a guy on assault web!)

    8. Go to the electronics section and turn on all tv's and steroes as loud as you can before the sales associate can get to where your at!

    9. Go to the computer and remove their demo program and load a porn display on it and leave before the associate realizes what just happened!

    10. Go to the automotive and when no one is looking spray the "Armorall" all over the floor there, then stand back and watch the jumble as people crash into each other!

    11. Find an sales girl wearing a shaggy sweater and stick the velcro you stole from the craft section to her!

    12. Hide in the "try on" booths in the clothing section and moan loudly and and suggestively while saying "OH! yeah baby! just like that! ..OOOOOH! I'm gonna.......!and listen for reactions!

    13. go to the Spray paint and switch all the caps around on the spray cans!(making sure the caps do not end up on the cans with the same color paint!)

    14. Go to automotive and ask the manager if Motor oil works in cars, or if you should stick to cooking oil! Then watch his reaction!