Think of buying AR need input

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    They load fine for you perhaps, got not me.
    So I can't see the pics, find your address - you lose me as a customer.
    If you lost me I"m sure you lost others.

    I looked at some of your competitors websites and I don't have the same I called them not you. Maybe you can afford to lose customers, I can't say.

    The fun of google is it can find me all the vendors - and if your site won't work the back button on my browser will take to someone whose site does work. The harder I have to look to find your contact info (and an email link says EMAIL to me, not 'about us' ) and it's "too hard" then I'll go elsewhere. What is "too hard" varies from person to person of course. But you must make it as easy as possible for folks to do business with you or you'll lose some of them.

    On my desktop computer I don't bother with html sites - why would I? So if your flash site won't work or takes forever to load or makes me hit ENTER (hey, I already DID that didn't I, when I clicked the link to get ot your site?????? why do you make me work harder than necessary to give you my money??????) I can go elsewhere very easily.

    As for flash or not...look at the top websites - NONE are flash.

    Umm...if flash was the better way I think google or FB or amazon or others would use it. But they don't....for a very good reason.


  3. Ledslnger

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Not trying to start a ruckus, but I recently read something in a gun mag that said you will occasionally see a barrel tagged as 5.56 with if you gauge it, it will show to be a .223 barrel. They stated the .223 is normally a tighter barrel and because of that accuracy may be a little better. The article I don't believe named companies, but they mentioned that you might see it more from companies that guarantee a certain MOA from their barrels or guns. The author stated the only real way to check is with a gauge and recommended picking them up from and I believe it is like $45 or so. I intend on getting one. The author also stated IF you have the wrong barrel you can REAM it. M-guns also sells the reamer, but it is over 2 bills.
    I read so dang many articles and have so many gun mags laying around I can't remember what mag it was. Maybe someone else can recall it. I have never ordered from m-guns and are not affiliated with them in any way for the record. Will see if I have the mag, may have handed it off to dad.
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