This Garand makes me smile

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    Been a few years back but I had a friend that was a High Power Match shooter. I've still got his shooting glasses and log book. Havn't looked at it in years but I've got it. He was an NRA Judge. Didn't find out till after he had died that he had LOADS of ribbons and awards. DEAF AS A POST from NOT using ear protection.
    When he died, I grabbed all of his guns so they wouldn't sprout legs.:eek:
    His "BABY" was an M1 Garand. Custom made Walnut stock. The rifle was all Chrome plated. I thought about keeping it for myself but after firing it a few times and getting the $**T kicked out of me, I figured it best if I got rid of it and give the $$ to his wife. This thing kicked like a mule!!
    I shoot an M1A and the recoil doesn't bother but this Garand and the 30.06 ammo was a KILLER.:eek:
    His wife asked me about his "Baby" and I told her that I would sell it BUT, I wasn't going to "give it away". Finally took it to the local Gun shop and put it on Consignmemt. Was asked how much I wanted to sell it for and got the old "Pawn Shop" drill. It's just an old rifle, etc.:rolleyes: You won't get that much out of, etc.:rolleyes:Sell it for $1000.00. It'a all custom built.

    Got a call the next day "first thing in the AM".
    Sold it!!:cool::cool: Went up to the house and gave his wife the $1000.00 CASH and she dam near fell over. I told you "I wasn't going to give it away".;)
    I think I fired maybe 20 rounds thru it while I had it and my shoulder still hurts.:)
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