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    Reply This is in response to the post below...
    Now Folks,
    As an outsider (from another of 'those' countries - the USA kicked us out of ANZUS 'cos NZ is no nukes - we require all foreign vessels to confirm they don't carry nukes, this doesn't work with the US military NCND), I risk bringing down the wrath of y'all upon my head - but here goes....

    I can see where the emotion comes from, applaud it too. BUT, these sentiments shown on the VMBB (Kiwi's fought died & again kicked ass in Vietnam up till 1975!) are a little f***ing over the top!

    Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts deserve to be strung up over a slow fire. The people of Afghanistan are poor, uneducated, victims AND are humans who, if shown compassion & given assistance, can become friends and allies who can make this world a better place.

    Hatred is a waste of energy.

    Understanding & friendship is the only way to make this world work.... the Israelis are building a BIG wall as I write this - do you think it'll stop the not-so-smart bombs????? No.

    My father is English, my mother is German - both my grandfathers were deadly enemies. Over a short period of time my nations of origin got the f**k over it & have been strong allies, along with the USA, in the war against communism. That war is won - this War on Terrorism cannot be fought the same way, the enemies are different, the RoE that have been used in the past were made redundant long ago. You cannot win this war with application of direct force. You will only inspire more hatred - remember what you were like at 18?

    My fellow countrymen died on September 11, my friends in the NZ SAS fought & kicked ass on the ground (and are still there) in Afghanistan.

    Here's a quote for you.... who said it?
    "Now incredible it is that in this fragile existence we should hate and destroy one another. There are possibilities enough for all who will abandon mastery over others to pursue mastery over nature. There is world enough for all to seek their happiness in their own way. "

    Excuse my (sorta) profanity, I think it has a place in this response.

    I welcome your comments.


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    Re: This is in response to the post below...
    Fresh20 - did you read the comments that the person made about the men who served over on VMBB?

    As I recall he said they were wannabe's (I'm being polite here), not a one of them had ever served in the military or been to war and basically called them liars among a few other things.

    Since I personally know one of the gentlemen he was calling a liar - and I can vouch that he is a Vietnam Vet you could say I took personal offense to this persons comments.

    I have no heartburn with anyone from a different country posting here or anywhere and I welcome their views - but when they start attacking the veterans of this country I'm going to stand up and say what I think in return.

    Do I think this country is the only country who has fought bravely in battle. Actually, no I don't. I know there have been many countries who have sacrificed quite a lot over the years in war. I also don't subscribe to the nuke everyone in Afghanistan group or kill all Arabs and/or Muslims.

    On the other hand it's going to take quite a bit of time and at least another generation or so before those who have been indoctrinated in Afghanistan are going to change. No different than in any other country (including parts of this one) where children have grown up being taught hatred of a race or religion.

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    Reply Re: This is in response to the post below...
    I've never met a Vietnam vet who thought Charlie was incapable/inept or lacked fortitude

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    Reply Re: This is in response to the post below...
    Yeah, I read the comments on the VMBB. I don't agree with them.
    It doesn't matter if they are from the states & therefore given a constitutional right to say these things or not, ANYONE should be allowed to state their opposition to views shown by others.
    Personal attacks are wrong & unfortunately crom22 has shown himself to be purile & just plain dumb.
    My concerns are with those views & opinions shown by posters in the linked section of forum.

    Calling someone "Habeeb"....
    "Make a big crater....."
    "They were livin' in caves...."
    "I did'nt see any Afghanie @#&*@#&*...."
    "IMO we oughtta just level the place (like they did to our towers)......"

    These are all comments that should be considered repugnant to all those who fought and died to uphold a way of life.
    Maybe (just maybe) you fought & died 'cos you had to..... Kiwis in Vietnam were all VOLUNTEERS!
    I agree with some of the sentiment shown, by both crom & those opposing his views, BUT.... as soon as someone questions your personal integrity - "I bet you are a bunch of fourteen year old..." you ALL loose the plot.
    Sorry for this, but it's the truth (again, the wrath of the wronged may descend)

    "Can you say terrorist sympathizer? Sure ya can!" What the f***k is that one?
    "We funded him (Osama), we and the Saudis", said Glynn Wood, professor of international policy at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. "He was not seen as any kind of threat until Desert Storm".
    Rep. Doug Bereuter, R-Neb., likened the situation to the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, where the United States aided a future adversary, Hussein. American policies contributed to the environment that exists today, he said, "but it was an inadvertent action".

    What would Christians think and do, for instance, if Christian Identity, that white supremacist, racist "religion", ruled a country like Afghanistan? It would be embarrassing and uncomfortable at the least; at worst, if the group encouraged terrorism and harbored terrorists who acted on its beliefs, Christians would probably feel just about like the vast majority of Muslims around the world feel now.

    Your former allies against the godless communists?
    These "Afghanie @#&*@#&*" won their Vietnam (who disagrees?) against a more vicious foe than you Yanks (sorry to you good 'ol boys waaay down south - but overseas, you're all called Yanks!) ever were.

    America is hated in many parts of the world for continually putting their big, unconcontrolled, ignorant (in some circumstances) oar into the water in places they have no right to be. The CIA have been in sooooo many countries promoting the "American Way" - El Salvador, Nicaragua, SE Asia, are but the tip of the iceberg.

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    Re: This is in response to the post below...
    Fresh20 - people get a little hot under the collar and at times say things that they normally wouldn't in person.

    Do they mean them 100% of the time (somehow I doubt it). On the other hand it's their right and I'll defend them to say it even if I disagree with it.

    Do I agree with ganging up on Crom - well actually yes - he got what he asked for at least in the wannabe category. Do I agree with some of the other statements, no not for the most part.

    Do I think this country has some major problems - actually yes I do. The biggest being the religious white oops I meant right wing faction that wants to drag us back to the time of the Inquisition. Then again I think the liberal side with all their hands out for this special interest and that special interest is bullsh*t as well.

    Now, do I understand that most countries hate us - well of course I understand that and always have. Partially because we are so big and obnoxious at times (believe me I know we are) and partially because we have quite a lot of what others do not. We spend more than we earn, we have become a throwaway culture instead of the old spendthrift, build your own and do without. Sad to say we're quickly becoming something that is very sickening to me.

    Have we done things we shouldn't of - oh hell yes! But name me one country that really hasn't in it's history? We've botched more sh*t than we've gotten right but that's more due to the fact that we let some of the dumbest people dictate policy and dirty tactics.

    Still it's the only country I've got so I have to defend it since the alternative looks a whole lot worse from where I stand.

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    Reply Re: This is in response to the post below...
    Bent logic, the Ahfgans did not run Russia off or win any war. The "YANKS" did.....ever hear of Regan???? Please!!!! LTS

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    Reply Re: This is in response to the post below...
    Good onyer Lynn.
    Something to be said for 'heat of the moment' calls, eh?
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