This is why we need firearms

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruffitt, Mar 3, 2003.

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    The U.N. and some terrorist liberals want to disarm all civilians in this country and the world.
    They have outlawed citizen gun ownership in most African countries already. I don't think it
    will ever come to this here but it's possible. Can you imagine being a farmer in the story
    below and having no way to defend yourself, your family or your property? We need firearms to protect ourselves if the need arises. They can have my firearms after they've killed me and taken them from my cold dead hands..............

    White Families Evacuated in Zimbabwe

    By ANGUS SHAW, Associated Press Writer

    HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) - White farmers in northern Zimbabwe
    evacuated families from their homes Sunday as rampaging black mobs
    attacked and looted more farms amid a week of violence.

    Men escorted convoys to the provincial center of Chinhoyi, 70 miles
    northwest of Harare and to the lakeside resort of Kariba on the northern

    District officials of the Commercial Farmers Union said 25 homesteads
    were trashed in the past week. Three homes were looted Sunday after
    families fled the corn and tobacco districts of Doma and Mhangura near

    ``It's totally out of hand. We are evacuating women and children and the
    elderly and the sick,'' said one official, speaking on condition of
    anonymity out of fear of reprisals.

    About 300 family members had fled from about 100 raided farms by
    Sunday, some flown out on light aircraft after mobs blocked several

    Most farmers were grouping at secret safe houses at night.

    Colin Cloete, the head of the farmers' union, said in a statement that
    scores of black farm workers had been assaulted, with virtually no
    police response.

    Farm equipment, furniture and supplies worth an estimated $4 million
    had been stolen and openly trucked or carried away, he said.

    Police told one person who complained that ``these issues are political
    and the police cannot therefore become involved,'' Cloete said.

    One retired farmer who fled to Harare said his house was looted
    Thursday by a group of militants who smashed their way in using
    sledgehammers. His family escaped with a few personal belongings of
    sentimental value.

    The fleeing family deflated the tires on their tractors to prevent them
    from being driven away. Workers reported the raiders had hammered
    open the farm safe, trashed documents inside and stolen a revolver.

    ``This is anarchy at its worst. When it's safe to go back, we'll have to go
    and assess the damage and that's going to be absolutely heartbreaking,''
    said the farmer, also speaking on condition of anonymity.

    District union officials said many fleeing families were forced to leave
    their pets behind. There was one report of horses being slashed with
    knives and a child's rabbits being killed.

    Violence began spreading through the Chinhoyi district Monday after 21
    white farmers were arrested on allegations of violence and assault
    against squatters and black ruling party militants on their land. The
    farmers have remained in detention as their lawyers seek a court order
    granting bail.

    The jailed farmers deny starting violence last Monday, saying they went
    to the assistance of a colleague under siege by squatters led by ruling
    party militias and were attacked first.

    No black militants were arrested after the clashes Monday or after
    unrest Tuesday, when at least 10 whites were hurt in reprisal attacks by
    rampaging militants in Chinhoyi town.

    Since March 2000, ruling party militants led by veterans of the
    independence war that ended white rule in 1980 have illegally occupied
    more than 1,700 farms.

    The occupiers have been blamed for much of the political violence that
    surrounded parliamentary elections last year and has continued ahead of
    a presidential poll early next year, leaving at least 36 people dead, nine
    of them white farmers.

    The government has also targeted more than 4,600 white-owned farms
    - about 95 percent of land owned by whites - for confiscation without

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    Shoot-Bury-Forget...........HUH? What was the question?????
    "am not" R2

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    Re: This is why we need firearms
    I saw a story on this subject a couple days ago,
    what a way to live, these folks are ruthless!
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    Re: This is why we need firearms
    That's about a B TCH ain't it?

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    (8/13/01 8:51:26 am)
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    This is allready happenning here at a different level,
    Government Terrorism is alive and well ! Look at what is
    happening with the gun issue. Look at Klamath Falls Oregon
    Government Terrorists are shutting off irrigation water
    to farmers over a stinking fish, they are loosing their
    farms, their livelyhood, their sanity and then the Terrorist
    come in to buy their farms for penny on the dollar with
    our tax dollar. The Terrorists also want to shut down
    irrigation from the Rio Grande, the Colorado River and also
    in Oklahoma over Minnows. Remember the spotted Owl issue ?
    They want to shut down Mining, Ranching, grazing, logging,
    is it any wonder they want to take your guns away ? Hitler
    did the same thing, without guns we are slaves ! But most
    of this type of activity goes unreported unless you are
    watching FoxNews. The purpose for this is to bring this
    Capitolist country down to its knees industrially this is
    the plan of the Globalists and the UN, history has proven
    that a populace that is heavily armed battles are lost or
    avoided. W Bush ran on strenthening the military, now were
    talking about base closings ? The plan was put into motion
    in the early 60's by state dept. document # 7277 and put
    into law by none other than John F. Kennedy : Freedom
    from War, the United States program for General and
    complete Disarmament in a peaceful world ! We have a
    population that is asleep at the wheel, if the people
    only knew what the Terrorists in Washington are doing there
    would be Blood running in the streets ! As long as the
    population keeps drinking their Fleuoridated water and
    drinks made with Fleuoride, and diet drinks with poisounes
    Aspertame(Nutrasweet)and happily subject themselves to
    mandatory Vaccinations that contain numerous poisons,
    they will stay dumbed down and will stay asleep at the
    wheel, exactly where the controllers want them ! And if
    you doubt that this can't happen here you are sadly
    mistaken, research the IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT from the early


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    (8/13/01 3:39:23 pm)
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    shizamus: I agree with you. The federal government is totally out of control. I see no hope for stopping it, people are being conditioned to believe the government knows best and is their great protector. Best we can do is live in a place where the people hold the government in contemp. That would be southern states or some western states.

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    NUFF SAID...........!
    rules for survival: Sight alignment, Breath control, & Trigger Squeeze

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    (8/15/01 6:06:54 pm)
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    Hey Blackgun, nice picture. I saved it to my jpeg. I have a really neat picture I want to post
    for Sarah Brady, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, etc but can't get it posted. If I emal it
    to you can you post it? You could say it is from me 9my screen name).
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