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Today I took a gun off my wish list and made it a reality, a Sig P229 Legion. It feels so good in my hand. My wife held it for about 5 seconds, said "wow this feels amazing... how much?" So I told her the truth and prepared for the wrath, what I got instead was, "When are we going to the range, I can't wait to shoot it." Me too. It's going to be a struggle to wait until this weekend.

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Is that in the .40 cal or the 357??

I have a Sig 229 in .40. My favorite is the Sig 227 in 45 which is one of my EDC's. I enjoy the decocker system to keep it in DA mode for the first shot. Many, tactically prefer SA mode for the first shot, but it works well for me.

You will enjoy the Sig quality for sure. Great guns.

Ahhh, OK, I looked it up. It is a 9mm!! Interesting.

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