This will make Dems feel warm'n'fuzzy

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    Birds of a feather...

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    That does not surprize me one little bit!
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    Here is a bit of info on sam webb. I did not find his address.

    Sam Webb (1945-) is an American writer, political activist, and has been the Chairman of the Communist Party USA since 2000. He is a resident of New York City.

    BiographySamuel Webb was born in Maine on July 16, 1945, and graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia in 1967.[1] He received a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Connecticut.[2] He worked as a Communist Party state organizer in Michigan from 1978-88.[2]

    His political positions have been critical of the current United States government institutions and class structure, but relatively uncritical of the principles of American government (such as U.S. civil liberties and the checks and balances system), which is consistent with the current platform of the CPUSA.

    Webb led the party when it made decision to support some Democratic candidates in the 2004 presidential election. While the CPUSA regards both major parties as capitalist, it believes that Republican domination is dangerous. Webb has argued that working people and democracy are threatened if the Republicans remain in power.[3] He has called President Barack Obama a "people's advocate" and said that some of his early decisions, in reversing President George W. Bush's policies, were praiseworthy.[4]

    He is the author of "Reflections on Socialism," a paper reflecting ideas that Webb first presented at the 2005 Left Forum in New York. This paper points out that socialism is once again being discussed in the trade union movement, the student movement, in popular magazines and certainly in the halls of power worldwide.[5]

    Webb has traveled to China,[6] the United Kingdom, Cuba,[7] and Vietnam,[6] in order to meet communist and socialist leaders. He has represented the CPUSA at the Athens meeting of world communist parties.

    here is the web site

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