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Thompson center gun value

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I have a chance to buy a Thompson Center black powder rifle which I have never seen before. It is a short 50 cal. round barrel with the back part of the receiver is brass and has a brass but plate. The barrel has no model number on it, only says THOMPSON CENTER SCOTTIE or SCOTTY. The man said his father gave it to him so it is a few years old, thanks.
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Welcome to the forum midnite.

I just looked at one of the gun auction sites and the T/C black powder rifles are going for between $200 to $300 but I didn't see any that said scottie or scotty.
Used black powder arms don't have a very high resale value. Thompson Center stuff is first rate, but it's still used black powder merchandise. One of the reasons is black powder is very corrosive. If you don't have personal knowledge of the arm being purchased, you don't know how well it was maintained/cleaned after shooting, you could be buying a rusty piece of pipe, if the barrel wasn't cleaned properly.

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Was there such a thing as a Thompson Center Scout?
There was a Thompson Center Scout carbine and rifle. Early ones with a 1:20 twist did not shoot well. Later changed to 1:32 and then to 1:48 with an octogan barrel. Value, depending on condition, ranges from about $400 in mint, unfired, new-in-box condition to less than $100 in poor condition. Good condition would be in the $150 range.

These were early inlines--looks a bit like a Marlin 336 without the lever.
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