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    Feb 20, 2007
    I'm new to this list and have been shooting BP traditional guns for about 20 years. Own a couple or repro flintlocks that I use for target shooting, a couple of Hawken style precussion guns that I use for hunting, a repro 1861 Springfield just for fun and a couple of cap'n'ball pistols, just for fun too. For whatever reasons I decided to buy an inline to see what all the fuss is about. Also I do some deer hunting out of large greenfield and pipeline stands that require long shots so I will be trying it next season. I'm not really interested in shooting the substitute powders and was wondering if anybody had experience with inlines shooting GOEX ffg instead of the info I have found on the new fangled pellets. Really want to shoot loose powder of the real black powder kind. Planning to shoot 45ca, 250 gr Hornaday SST with a sabot. I know the gun will shoot with up to 150 gr with Triple 7 or Pyrodex pellets and will have a sweet spot with maybe a different bullet and maybe lesser load, but can't find anybody or web info on using ffg GOEX.
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