Those one of a kind shots you couldn't believe you made!

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    May 13, 2020
    Friend and I went to the range of the gun club he belonged to. Said he had something to show me. He had just acquired a match grade M1A. Beautiful rifle. We set up a B-21 target at 150 yards. Bet me supper I couldn't do a better shot than him. Let me go first, but I am near sighted and didn't have my glasses so I am already in trouble. Aim best I can and pull trigger, here him gasp as he is watching through a spotting scope. The shot hit dead center in the head of the silhouette target. He even brought the target back up and got his calipers out and measured, almost perfect dead center. He said he couldn't compete and I got a free dinner. Didn't bother to tell him it was dumb luck, but also I wanted that free fried catfish.
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    Aug 10, 2013
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    At least you had the good sense to only fire one round!!!

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    Seems like there are stories about two kinds of shots on this thread.
    Type 1: Very difficult, but possible. The shooter at least thought the shot was doable; say a running rabbit at 50 yards with a pistol.
    Type 2: No chance except by pure blind luck. The shooter tried to make the shot, but had no idea that he would; say a crow offhand at about 350 yards with a rifle zeroed at 50.
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    May 14, 2020
    So at the time I was a student of gunsmithing at Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado we went rabbit hunting. Of course we took everything from 458 Winchester mag. to a 22 single shot Stevens favorite. Whatever a group of budding gunsmiths felt like carrying that day.I personally carried a Ruger 45 colt New Model Blackhawk. We stopped at a farmhouse asked the old guy if we could hunt and he directed us to his dad's old place, there were several outbuildings a barn lot of sage brush it built up around it he said it was loaded with bunnies, rattlers, coyotes etc. As we went into the barn four or five pigeons came out squaking and raising hell and I instinctively drew that .45 and fired,killing the last one and broadcasting feed corn over 3 of my companeros. They guestioned the saintliness of my poor Mother,my sanity and my legitimacy and they took an oath to dasavow the shot till their dying days...
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    Only one I ever made like that was at the Casa Grande range, which has some old steel gongs up the side of the mountain, 700, 800, and 900 yards. NOT official targets,m just stuck out there many years ago. I had a borrowed k98 Mauser, original military dress that I was plinking with, and being on the end of the firing line, I decided I was frosty enough to try a stupid shot, so I lined up on that 800 yard gong. Standing. Iron sights. I had fired about 40 rounds through this old warhorse in total. When I fired there was a complete lull of sound on the firing line and I, and the guy next to me, clearly heard that "BONG" echoing down the mountain side.
    Dude looked over at me and said, "Do it again."
    I shook my head and said, "There is no way on Earth I can do that again!"

    Only thing close to that was when shooting my CZ P-10S subcompact and I put 4 out of five on the steel at 20 yards...weak hand only. I thought that was a fluke group. Then I discovered that it wasn't a fluke - that little gun really is that good, and I can do that kind of regular now. ;)
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    Nov 22, 2011
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    Bambi doesn't like me.
    310 yards with my 6.8 spc
    175 yards on a dead run with my 270 and no shooting rest
    120 yards with my 6.8 and she was on the run bounding through 3' tall grass. Like hitting a bouncing ball. I was sitting in the grass on a small hill, no shooting rest again
    Last winter 303 yards with my CVA Wolf and 1x scope. The last one blew my mind. I didn't have time to spot her with the range finder. I just knew she was beyond 200 and I had a 100 yard zero. Held high until it felt about right then touched it off. She and her sisters started walking south when the one I wanted fell to the ground. "No way!". Grabbed my range finder and walked out to where she was standing. Found the blood, stood there and ranged back to the car. 303 yards

    Last Monday I was sighting in my Tikka 22-250 prepping for a match. Made 3 shots and could only see 1 in my scope. The other 2 must be hiding in the black. I called for cease fire and walked out 100 yards to check it. I brought the target back and the guys had nothing to say. All 3 in EXACT SAME HOLE. That is a rifle and load combination I doubt I could ever beat
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    Oct 16, 2011
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    Late last year I sprained my rotatory cup on my right shoulder. I had made the cut and was in my clubs trap league shoot off. My shoulder hurt so bad my son had to carry my shells and shotgun to the line for me. I didn't say anything to anyone at the club about my shoulder as I was afraid they wouldn't let me shoot.

    I won 1st place. I have been shooting in this league for 8 years and never won. Every shot was like a hammer hitting my shoulder but well worth it. I ended up doing 6 weeks of physical therapy on the shoulder. I have only been able to shoot my Remington 1100 as it has the recoil reducer stock.

    With this lock down I have not shot in 2 months. I am hoping this has given my shoulder the time to heal up and I can shoot my other shotguns now.
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