throw the congress to the Afhans

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    The House of representatives should be loaded in a cargo plane and dumped on Afghanistan for their chickenshit behavior closing down and running away over a threat of a treatable disease. They never went out of business before during any of our previous conflicts (except for maybe that time the Brit's burned the capitol and white house). They sure as hell are a fine example to the rest of the country don't those cowardly bastards understand that now is when they earn those big bucks they've been getting. I mean really, they get to enjoy the good whiskey, plenty of ho's, steak dinner every night and never even have to break a sweat just run their mouths and flap their jaws. This is a great example of American "leadership", what about all the casualaties throughout our history so these pussies can have that very comfortable lifestyle? What would I do for them you ask? Well for starters we can use them to test for environmental contamination. Remember that scene from "Blazing Saddles" when there was quicksand at the end of the track? Let's send a couple of horses; no, no, no, horses are valuable, let's send a couple of congressmen/women. Any other thoughts on this situation?

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    The House was lured into their decision by Daschle. The Senate announced FIRST that they were closing. The Speaker then said "OK, then us too." The Reps closed up shop, then Daschle said "We're staying."

    A complete sandbag job. Daschle should be on your first airdrop.

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    I see it as all part of the propaganda war on "Terrorism". It has to make you wonder how much of what we are being told is anywhere near factual.
    I got the feeling last night watching TV, that the media is preparing us for the same lifestyle as the Israilies have been living for the past 50yrs. It's going to be resolve on our part, once and for all to show the rest of the world that we are the "Super Power".
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    I am from SD and will be one of the first to say he is a fool who does not represent the people who put him in office. I find it highly amusing that his office has me on theri blocked sender e-mail list. Just what I would expect of him.
    Don't mind me, I am a blithering idiot:)