Throw This Asshole Out!

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    Throw This Asshole Out!
    True story ... I oughtta know cause it was ME they "threw out".

    I remember it almost as if it was yesterday. Arriving "In Country" at DaNang in the early evening. It was dark and the commercial aircraft that flew us in dropped into DaNang like a rock. I did'nt realize why they did that at the time but after the sun arose the next morning one would understand as they did'nt want us getting clobbered with any small arms fire from the surrounding hillsides before we even got a chance to fight. Some pissed their trousers and some of us (me included) cleared the gonads (at THAT time I had two of 'em) out of our throats after such a sudden descent.

    I remember getting blasted in the face by the hot, humid air as soon as the door opened ... No more air conditioning for sure. We were herded off the aircraft like cattle rather quickly as if prodded by one of those cattle prods and got all the stares from the shortimers as we made our way to a staging area where we slept outside in the hot night air on those olive drab cots. Damn it was humid and all the sounds added to the uncertainty and yet the feeling of anxiety and excitement. You are FINALLY here ... This is "where its at" ... The Nam.

    Did'nt get much sleep at all that night and the noise from the F4 Phantoms running all night outta DaNang airfield really made ya perk up when they kicked in the afterburners. With sunrise not quite arriving we were directed to a mess tent for breakfast (if thats what ya want to call it) and kinda milled around all day in the hot sun at this staging area awaiting orders while they figured out where each of us were to be assigned.

    Out of the entire aircraft of Marine 03's I was the only one who drew the 5TH marine Regiment based at AnHoa approximately 30 miles south of where I was at. By the time all this was figured out I was taken to a C130 and ordered to strap in while sitting on those red colored webbing benches along the inside walls of the C130 and watched as they hurriedly loaded other crated equipment while I kept lookin round with eyes wide open. I could hear the occassional comments about the FNG from the crew members and it did'nt take long for me to figure out what FNG meant and who they were yappin' about ... ME.

    By the time we got off the ground it was dusk and I kept kinkin' my neck as I attempted to look out the little bitty windows at the landscape below while there was still just a wee bit of light left as I tried to figure out which way I was a goin'. As we touched down on the portable airstrip (in place compliments of the SEABEES) I almost crapped in my drawers from the noise it produced thru the vibration to the tires on the steel plating with holes in it and started a few "Hail Marys" as I thought we were destined for the ultimate. I may have even threw in a few "Our Fathers" when he threw the flaps down and slammed on the brakes.

    I was advised to sit quietly as they scurried to get the equipment unloaded as I stared to the rear of the aircrafts downed ramp and out into the darkness. Could'nt see a damn thing until they got the goodies unloaded and then I saw this Marine standing there wearin' his helmet and flak gear and holdin' an M14 rifle. He motioned for me to come along "QUICKLY" so I snatched up my seabag and headed down the ramp. He must have been a clerk of some kind and merely said "Welcome Aboard" while motioning for me to follow him where he escorted me to this un-Godly lookin' mini barracks ... Commonly refered to as "a hootch".

    As we entered the door I could see (in a very dim light) those cots again along the sides with various piles of gear and whatnot and I knew right then that "THIS" must be where my new home is gonna be for a while. The gang must have been out on ambush, perimeter or in the bushes somewhere cause I was the only one occupying this strange place after being told by this Marine that the empty spot was now mine. "Have a seat Marine and I'll be back in a bit" he says. So I drop my gear and I'm sitting there on this olive drab cot and just kinda in limbo so to speak. Can't see much because of the low light and I can hear all kinds of sounds outside that are rather new to me ... Naturally .... I'm the FNG so it only goes to reason that I don't know shit from shine-ola.

    All kinds of bangs and booms off in the distance and all of a sudden "WHAM -WHAM-WHAM" all around the base camp area in general. Like a dumb-ass I am still sittin there but I gotta tell ya that I'm gettin' a little antsy here as I hear footsteps running all over outside as the "WHAMS" are hammering the ground around me.

    About that time the plywood door flies open and some guy (to this day I don't know who he was) yells out "Shortimers follow me" ..... Now ya gotta keep in mind that I am without a doubt a FNG and I dont know my right from my left at this particular time and I figure that this guy must be talking about me because I have only been here a "SHORT" time .... Right? Seems sensible to me .....

    So I hauled ass with this guy at a full gallop running through the compound while trying not to fall in the trenches that were lined with sandbags along the edges while he's screamin for all shortimers to make tracks to "the bunker". We can hardly see each other let alone where the hell we are running through the dust and noise as the booms are all over the place. NOW ... I know what "Incoming" is cause I'm hearin that too ... I might be dumb but I sure ain't stupid.

    What little I can see we have finally made it to this dark spot in the ground and dive into the darkness. I'm bumpin into everything and everybody in this black hole in the ground thats shakin like theres gonna be no tomorrow. "To the back .. To the back ... Huddle up ... Huddle up" is what I'm hearin as I'm trying to figure out just exactly what the hell I've gotten myself into here in the darkness. The ground continues to shake as rounds are hittin all over the place and I'm wonderin' just WHEN its gonna stop cause we have all been in this dark hole for quite a bit ... Or at least it seemed that way.

    You could hear guys coughin from the dust fallin in on us as the rounds shook the ground and an occassional grunt or groan now and then in the silence of the darkness where I was huddled together with these guys . One guy asks if anybodys "got a light" and a few guys break out the famous Zippo and light up ... When there was enuff light to see what the hell was goin on in here I saw these hardened combat vets in full gear that assuredly looked as though they definately needed some time away from all this shit. Not only could I see them .....

    But now they also could see me and they all looked at each other with one of them .... Who the f#@& is this asshole?

    Though they were wearin the Vietnam BDUs they were no longer the color of green but of faded and torn clothing that had occassional blood spots here and there while I was decked out in the freshest of fresh olive colored utilities.

    Well ..... It did'nt take long at all for this one great big Grunt to yell my way and he says to me ... "Hey shithead ... Are you a SHORTIMER cause I aint never seen your ass before"? All I could think of at that time was to tell him what I thought was the truth ... and it WAS to me ... I had only been there a "SHORT" time and that is what I honestly thought was meant by the guy that threw open the door and yelled out for ALL SHORTIMERS to haul ass to the bunker.

    Soooooooo ..... Being the dumb ass FNG that I was I follow this guy to the dark hole in the ground with all these seasoned combat vets who are just trying to survive another night in hell before they go home in a "SHORT TIME" as they're time is almost up and they are about to go home.

    I ain't even been outside the perimeter yet and it did'nt take long for this great big ole' Grunt to yell out to his comrades ... "Somebody get this "shit for brains" outta our bunker" .....

    "Throw this asshole out"!

    And they DID too ... Literally ... Right out in the middle of mortars droppin' all over the place.

    I ran my ass off back to the hootch and crawled under it and layed there till the mortars stopped. It lasted for what seemed to be hours. Later that day ... when the sun came out I ran into a few of them shortimers and got the stare after which they then just kinda grinned and said "Sorry bout last night junior but you ain't walked the walk yet".

    After eventually becoming "one of the guys" I learned all about what the term shortimer meant and started counting the days myself (as we ALL did) on my own way to becoming a SHORTIMER and understood the reasoning behind why these guys did what they did. I did not deserve to be in their company at that particular time ... In a dark hole in the ground ... with the ground shakin' all around us ... in a little place called AnHoa Vietnam in June of 1967.

    They had done their time and now it was my turn and I respect them for that and did all I could throughout my tour to carry on the tradition of "The Fightin' Fifth" ........

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"

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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    Good read Six!
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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    It was the language of the day---like the soup of the season---words that even the Padre accepts and uses with rare indiscreation. I bet you didn't even take offense at being called, dumb-shit, shit-head, ass-hole---expected, and in most cases, warranted---wasn't long before that's how you tagged the 'green ones'. I enjoyed your story very much Gunner---I felt those 'vibes' ripple up my own spine when you recalled the feel of the Marsten Matting the Seabees had laid for the landing pad. I recall that day we finally made it into DongHa--after so many delays we landed under a rocket barrage. WELCOME TO VIETNAM!!!! Wilborn

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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    Marsten Matting huh? Thats gotta be it Chief and them Seabees did a helluva job layin that stuff and maintaining it as well throughout incoming rounds. When we had aircraft attempting to come in they'd be out there with rounds poppin all over the place doin what they did best. Gotta take my hat off to 'em right along with the Navy Corpsman. :) Six Out!

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"

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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    You know... first, Six.... that story was awesome!! It just reflected so much upon your "first moments" in Vietnam, and it really showed the appreciation and respect that those who had gone before you deserve!!!

    Second.... in reflection to your comment about the Seabees and the Corpsman... JW, I think I told you this before, but, I once had a conversation with a Marine and with all the jokes and such between the branches, there was one group that never really "made it" into being a joke.... the Corpsmen and the Seabees. Now, that was a very brief description of the conversation, but all in all... I made my point!! You guys are tremendously respected!!!

    SIX - again, thanks for telling of one of your memories.... it was one to make you think!!!! :)

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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    Thank you SixTGunr for a very enlightening story for all of us.

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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    Gosh, my attention span must have been a short one on this particular day......somehow I missed this.

    A Newbie never messed with those Short Timers did they?

    I remember, I was proud when my fatigues turned from that dark green to a light shade......trouble was by the time you were getting real short, the darn things just began to wear good, just like the boots.

    or was it my Mamasan was getting a little light on the spray starch?

    Alright, I hear ya......spray starch, Mamasan.....Remember guys, I was a girl and didn't have to do what you did.

    However, there was one thing I disliked with a passion....those darn garters with hooks on the ends, used to blouse the bottom of the fatigues. I swear it took 2 years after getting back stateside for the marks to leave from my legs.

    Guess I'm a running on here! - Hope

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    Re: Throw This Asshole Out!
    Yer right, Hope. The whole boot-blousing thing was a real pain in the gluteous maximus. I used them same little circulation killers. I too had 'ring around the leg'.


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