Thumbhole Stock AK's

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    If I put a Thumbhole Stock on my AK-47 does that eliminate one of the three evils (Pistol Grip) and allow me to add another evil in it's place (Flash Suppressor or Brake)?

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    Re: "Assault Weapon" Evils?
    Assault weapon Elvis...

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    Re: "Assault Weapon" Evils?
    No sir it does not.

    ATF has ruled that a thumbhole stock is a version of a seperate pistol grip, and so treats those stocks the same as the pistol grips. That's why you dont see those anymore on new guns.
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    If the ATF treats a thumbhole stock and a pistol grip stock the same, then why all the worring about converting over to us made parts to install a pistol grip? I guess I missed something. Why can't they just say what the law is. Black and white instead of all the "vauge and open to intepertation" crap?


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