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there has been a few posts lately by learned members about 45-70 guns. so my mind said to me "you have not shot that rifle in some time, why?"
so pulled it out, grabbed some ammo and went to the shooting bench. ten rounds later and i have a REnewed respect for anyone that can deal with recoil. the rifle still shoots well. it does amaze me that all my reloads are on the bottom of load data and still punish me so. cleaned her up and back in the safe. wait i have not shot that gun in a long time, so out comes my 25-35 savage 99. oh so sweet! she has the recoil of a pop gun. what a difference.
"what's in your safe?"

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Well now you guys have me wondering about my desire to have a 45-70. Don't know which one I may choose but do want one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Put the thickest sorbothane (gummy) recoil pad you can get on it and buy the longest barrel you can find on it. The recoil was why they ported those guide gun shorties, but I would never own a ported gun as I need my hearing to detect game.
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Welcome to the addiction! Next thing you know you'll be looking at front stuffing Pennsyltucky long rifles and and half stocked Hawken rifles.... :eek:
Got one of each of those. One of my favorite small game hunts is stalking squirrels with my 32 caliber pennseltucky long rifle. A lot more fun than using a 22. My 50 caliber Hawken is my favorite big game muzzleloader. Had to put it on the back burner for a few years due to trouble seeing the sights but now my eyes have improved to the point I can use open sights again it will be with me this muzzle loading season again. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with the old girl again.
All I shoot is thumpers, that way I never have to check to see if it went off.
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My best friend and I went to a gun shop in London where he bought a Boss 470 nitro express double rifle and a box of shells ( 10 rounds of Kynoch). He shot one round I shot 1 round and we shamed a cowboy from Lubbock Texas to shoot 1 round ( which set him on his posterior). He still has the rifle and 7 rounds of Kynoch shells. It was about the same as a 12 gauge 3 1/2” slug recoil. I could not imagine hunting on a regular basis with such a behemoth. A man has got to know his limitations.
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Ya know, one has to admit those big bores, those rifles chambered in cartridges effective on dangerous game, are great deterrents. I haven't had any Cape Buffalo or pachyderm difficulties in our gardens as long as I own one. Wish I could find a rifle/cartridge combination that was as effective, merely by its presence, against deer and squirrels..... :whistle:
Problem with deer and squirrels is they don’t have sense enough for a gun to scare them. A dog is a much better deterrent but only as long as you can keep the dog interested;)
Steele stays interested but, being a Husky, he might stay interested clear into the next county!!!
Had that problem with a beagle named bandit who once got on a fox track and didn’t swing back around for an hour and a half. I went back to the house made breakfast ate it had 2 cups of coffee. Then stuck my head out the door and very faintly heard him baying his way back up the mountain. Grabbed my shotgun and headed back into the woods across the road fully intending to beat him silly after that deer ran by me when lo and behold 15 minutes later this red fox comes running towards me with his tongue dragging the snow. I shot him at 15 yards putting him out of his misery. 10 minutes later here comes bandit trailing up to the now dead fox gives it a sniff and collapses. I had to pick him up and carry him home. He slept till the next morning and appeared none the worse for the wear. Wasn’t no quit in that dog and I miss him terribly.
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