Time for a national Ban on Pick up Trucks..................

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    By all means, all PUTs should be banned. People can misuse the "capacity" of the rear bed to commit mass murder & injure to many people!

    We must immediately implement laws that restrict the size & horsepower to all passenger vehicles that are not operated by professionals with the proper training. There is absolutely NO reason for anyone to own a vehicle that can carry more than four people. We also need to look at reducing the killing power of these vehicles because we all know it's speed that kills.

    That's why as you president I am issuing an executive order effective immediately. This order will ban any further sale of vehicles that that have the capacity of more than four people. I am also implementing a restriction to high powered engines. I'm ordering that all further production vehicles must be limited to 100 horsepower & 65mph. To insure my orders are carried out, I'm authorizing all vehicles to be planted with black boxes & remote emergency shut-off capabilities. Anyone caught violating my orders will be subject to immediate arrest and will have their DL suspended & face possible prison time.

    It is my firm belief that only those will special training and those who serve in a law enforcement position should be allowed to use & have in their possession high passenger capacity vehicles & high powered engines.

    Please note that I realize this decision will not please everybody. That's why I am making exemptions available to everyone that can prove they voted for me in the last election or they have made a significant contribution to my campaign.

    your POSPOTUS

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    Death toll now 14

    Jennifer Preyss • Originally published July 22, 2012 at 9:03 p.m., updated July 23, 2012 at 2:54 p.m.

    Photo Gallery: Goliad County Wreck Gallery
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    14 illegal immigrants killed in Goliad County wreck

    14 illegal immigrants killed in Goliad County wreck

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    BERCLAIR - Fourteen illegal immigrants were killed and nine injured in a one-vehicle wreck in Goliad County near the Bee County line.

    Eleven males and three females from Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico were among those who died, said Gregory Palmore, of the Office of Public Affairs-U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE. The identities and ages have not yet been released, but two of the deceased are confirmed to be under 18 years old.

    The driver of the 2000 Ford F-250 extended-cab pick-up truck, who was one of the 11 who died at the scene, was heading toward Goliad and struck a tree about three miles south of Farm-to-Market Road 1351 about 6:30 p.m., Department of Public Safety troopers said.

    The right front tire appeared to have lost its tread about 300 yards before impact. The driver veered to the right side of the road and crashed into the trees, said DPS Lt. Glen Garrett. The highway's speed limit is 75 mph and Garrett said the truck was traveling at least that fast.

    Of the 14 who died, six were inside the cab. Five of the passengers who were riding in the bed were killed after they were ejected, said Trooper Gerald Bryant. Three additional passengers later died in hospitals.

    Victor Corzo, the head of legal affairs at the Mexican consulate in San Antonio, said the only Mexican citizen involved was a 22-year-old man from Tamaulipas state. They are still trying to contact his family in Mexico, his name has not been released.

    The top of the extended cab truck had to be cut away by firefighters from Goliad and Beeville.

    "It was not a bloody scene, which indicates they died on impact," Bryant said.

    The injured and deceased were men, women and children with the youngest being about 8 years old, Bryant said.

    Officials said they appeared to be illegal immigrants and U.S. Border Patrol agents were assisting on the scene. Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI, is providing assistance to DPS and the Goliad County Sheriffs Office.

    U.S. Highway 59 was closed down by the Goliad Sheriff's Department beginning at FM 1351.

    Emergency crews were still removing bodies after 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

    Of the 12 initially injured, four were taken by ambulance to DeTar Hospital Navarro in Victoria. One was in the intensive care unit in critical condition. Two of those originally taken to Victoria were later airlifted to San Antonio Military Medical Center.

    Another victim was flown from the scene by AirLife to a San Antonio hospital.

    Two more victims were airlifted by Halo to a Corpus Christi hospital while another was flown to that city by PHI, said Mary Jane Martin, the public information officer for Goliad County Emergency Management.

    Four more victims were taken by ambulance to a Bee County hospital, Martin said.

    As of Monday at 12:37 p.m., nine of the 23 passengers are alive.

    The bodies were taken to Victoria Mortuary Service.

    The Mexican Consulate is assisting with the case, Bryant said.

    Garrett said a crisis counseling team is available to help the more than 40 responders at the scene.

    "On the human side of it, it can be emotional for them too," Garrett said.

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    If this weren't so tragic, I would make a joke about it carrying clowns.....
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    i've looked all around the world looking for inspiration , and maybe a example if we can get to rewrite the rules here ..

    your constitution while not perfect is the only one that actually allows true freedom

    i'd still toss half of it , keep first 12 and no 28 , toss the rest

    with just those ones we'd not have the strife we have here ...

    your founding fathers gave you all the tools you need right there in that document

    all you need to make it work is apply determination and grit ( balls)

    and keep things honest .. and when liberals start making their evil PC in roads , TOSS EM OUT ON THEIR BUTTS
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