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This belongs to a friend of wifes husband, who passed last week. No idea where it came from, probably somewhere in Oklahoma, as it has a price tag from Otasco. This stood for Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company. They went out of business quite a number of years ago.

Titan .25 cal. pistol, model E27.

Marked with 'F.I.E. Corp.-Miami on one side, marked with Titan Cal .25 Auto Pat. Made in Italy.

Still in the original box. Marked with an Otasco price tag of 69.99.

Serial No. ED65229.

Will try to post pics, but no guarantee. (Low tech person)

I know this is a low value gun, but she just wants to know what she should ask for it.


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Depends on the condition. My wife has one that I bought for her for $70 or so back at Christmas time. If it's up for sale at a fair price, I'm interested in buying it. I wouldn't mind having a spare for my wife's so that I'd have spare parts. Overall they aren't generally worth much more than a $100. There was a Lady Titan that was made with gold plating and grips that had a rose on them. Those go for a little more. Last one of those I saw in the original box went for about $160 if I remember right. I just saw another of the Lady Titan's sell for $136 and the highest I've seen the regular ones sell for was $125. I just recently saw one go for $120 with two mags for it - it was a stainless model though.

If you want to post pictures, just load them to your computer and select the 'go advanced' option below the message box. The menu above the message box will change and there will be an icon that has a little picture of a paper clip on the top row. Click that and a window will open for you to select the files on your computer. Then select the 'upload' option and you're done. The pictures on your computer will be transferred to your message.

I am willing to buy it for a fair price and send the copy of the FFL license to send it to. My FFL does accept private party firearms.

Finding .25 ACP ammo right now is difficult. One of our friends gave us a box for my wife's pistol.
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