(TN) Home invader shot to death 07-12-03

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    (TN) Home invader shot to death 07-12-03

    [This is a separate case from the one I sent previously. It briefly
    describes several additional cases in which Memphs residents shot

    Home invader shot to death


    Home invader shot to death
    By Bill Dries
    July 12, 2003

    One man was shot to death and another was wounded after they forced a
    man inside his East Memphis home Friday night, police said.
    The shooting was at 4555 Dunn near Perkins and Willow.

    Insp. Richard Sojourner said the shooting came after two men confronted
    the resident of the Dunn home at a Union Planters ATM at Perkins and
    Quince. They ordered him to withdraw money, but the machine kept his ATM

    They forced the man back into his car, Sojourner said, and went to
    another ATM, where the same thing happened with a second ATM card.

    The two then forced him to drive them to his home to get some money, and
    when they went inside, the resident pulled a gun and shot both of them.

    Police would not release the identities of any of the three.

    The shooting marked the latest in a series of incidents in which
    homeowners have shot attackers who broke into their homes or forced the
    residents inside.

    Among them:

    William Ronnie Payne, 45, was shot to death when he tried to force his
    way into a home at 4212 Warbonnet Wednesday night.

    Kevin Martrell Humphrey, 19, was killed and a second suspect was injured
    June 13 when they tried to force their way into a home at 2959 Lark.

    David Ronald Washington, 44, identified by police as the so-called East
    Memphis cat burglar, was shot to death when he broke into a home at 3980
    Wildwind Cove about 2:35 a.m. June 13.
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