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    hi cricket67.
    I just wanted to say a few things to you about guns. You are
    asking some good questions and the guys here are giving you some good answers.
    I have and carry Colts. I just bought an older 1991A1 in stainless. It got lost in a gunstore inventory. The fit and finish is much better than some of the new Colts I have looked at. I will replace the plastic parts before I shoot it.
    I have a Norinco, of older manufacture and it is not reliable.
    I bought it new and it has less than 100 rds through it and
    it needs work.
    If you can possibly afford it get a Kimber. Although I haven't
    looked at a Springfield lately, they seem to have a good reputation. Two gunsmiths have told me that they send more Para-Ordances back to the factory than any others.
    To be fair another gunsmith told me the same about Colt.
    The Argentine model was made in Argentina to Colt specs.
    If you buy a used gun, replace all the springs, the extractor and any other worn parts.
    If you want this gun as a personal defence weapon for you and your family you want the best you can get.
    Shoot it 200 or 300 times without a failure using the ammo you will be using as a defense ammo. Shoot a variety of ammo. Keep records of what shoots best.
    My next carry piece will more than likely be a Kimber.
    Check prices on the internet. The Kimber will cost $700 U.S. and up. The Colt will cost about $600 US.
    Always shoot good guns, drink good whisky and wear good
    boots. Everything else sorta works out.
    As always the opinions are my own.

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    Barbon, welcome to the board. Tell me about the problem with your Norinco. I've owned a few of these and about the only problems I've had have been mag related.