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How is your memory? Do your forget names? Ron White doesn't. The veteran of Afghanistan knows the name and rank of every U.S. service member who died in line of duty in Afghanistan.

Fans are lining up outside Chase Stadium waiting to get inside, but Ron White got to the ballpark early and started his project.

"What I have done is memorize everyone who has paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan," says Ron.

Ron White served a year in Afghanistan. He credits his military training for his success as a memory champ.

"I have this wall it's 50 feet long and 7 feet high and I am writing them out from memory to let them know they are not forgotten."

There is no cheat sheet. It took Ron ten months to memorize all the names. It takes about 11 hours to put 2,200 names on this black wall and he also has to remember the ranks as well.

The wall is set up inside the ballpark. Fans can stop by and watch him in action.

It's part of the Diamondbacks tribute to those who have died in the line of duty. But how does he remember all those names? It's a system.

"I essentially memorize the map of a town then I memorize all the 2,200 locations in that town… and I walk around the town and visualize these men and woman on one of those spots."

It's hard to remember all of those who have died in Afghanistan. The wall and the names are a good reminder.

Ron White wants to visit other ballparks and cities with his wall. It's his way of raising money and awareness for wounded warriors.
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