To hell with it.

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    To hell with it.
    For some reason known only to the pr*cks that handle these things, my credit card processing company has decided to hold off depositing my MC/Visa batch receipts. I did not know this until I checked my bank balance and its a few thousand light.

    I call the pr*cks and a really snotty Risk Management guy (they are in NY, after all) tells me that my account is set up for an average ticket of $75 (??) and my transactions are over that. I tried to explain that my average ticket is 10x that, and has been for a long time but of course he knows better than me. He's going to call the customers and make sure they received their items before he releases the money.

    I'm done with it. No more credit cards, no more personal checks, certified funds only. Customer convenience? Why? Maybe ole Mick has the right idea after all.

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    Doc, so what are you saying?, ya ain`t gonna take credick`s cards anymore. Man, and I just ran a new batch off..."Visa Lead Plated".....don`t leave the range without it......
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    That really suks AD, and it reminds me of the fellow I had custom make a holster for my AA Md1 Derringer. Due to a Credit Card Companys typo, these wonderful people had over $30,000.00 bad credit attached to their account.
    Needless to say... " That SUKS"