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    Thanks for the welcome to the board. I realise I hopped right in with my opinions, but after reading the posts I felt right at home. I have been around firearms all my life. As a child
    we had loaded accessable firearms in our home.
    The reason for my empasis on good guns is that I have the musket that my greatgrandfather toted in the Civil Rebellion of 1860. I have fired it hundreds of times. It is a smoothbore
    .75 caliber, made in Suhl Germany in 1844. Puddle steel barrel, all furniture carries the marking 4. The machine work
    is as good as any gun on the market today.
    Well, about the Norinco. I bought this gun new just as they
    came onto the American market. The machined finish is not really good, not bad, just could have been polished more.
    The main problem is that it is very inaccurate. I remarked on an earlier post that I had fired it into the dirt to determine where the bullets were going. I couldn't wing the target. Also it failed to fire a number of times. This was the only time I shot it, running about a hundred rounds through it. I didn't want to sell it to an unsuspecting person so I just threw it into the safe and kept it. The hammer is not striking the slide/firing pin squarely. Strikes on one side. Probably stoning the hammer to square it up may cure the mis-fires.
    I am retired and now have time to play with my guns so I am in the process of re-furbishing some guns I have
    acquired over the years. I know that Jan Libourel had one customized. I just learned that some of the greats, I think
    it is Wilson combat, will customize them because of the good quality of the steel. This gun has a chrome barrel, do they still have this?
    Have you any experience with 45gunparts company in California? Their prices are really low.

    As always the opinions are my own.

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    Almost everyone does custom work to the Norinco 1911. Is the hammer rubbing on the slide when it fires ? This can affect accuracy. Use the stone and square the hammer where it rubs. The trigger in most of these pistols are stiff, but a trigger job will definately help. Also try fitting a NM barrel bushing and link. Then change the sights. I prefer Bo-Mar adjustable or Wilson Combat 3-dot sights. I've had several of these pistols and after a little work, they shoot very well. I also changed the mags and used Wilson Combat or Metalform with excellent results.
    I can't offer any input about 45gunparts co. I have never ordered from them.
    For just a little money, the Norinco 1911 can become an excellent shooter. Good luck on your project and keep us posted.