Todays islamic announcements

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    a kid tried to blow up a bar in Chicago for jihad against alcohol and kaffirs who drink it

    71-Year-Old Muslim Rapist Claims He Was Under a Spell

    The parents of a seven-year-old boy who was playing in the courtyard of his house in Egypt, was shocked to see a labourer bring home their child.

    According to an Al Wafd report, 30-year-old MM was seen raping the boy in the rest room of the mosque nearby.

    A labourer, who was in the mosque, happened to see the act and rescued the child and brought him home.

    The child said that the man befriended him while he was playing and took him to the mosque for prayers. He added that the stranger threatened to kill him if he told anyone of what he was doing to him.

    dhimmi of the day german interior minister

    German Interior Minister Says Provocateurs Who Upset Muslims "Must be Stopped"

    Six die as police open fire at crowd protesting against burning of Quran in Ghaziabad

    malaysian Government training teachers to spot gay kids and how to fill in the forms to have em arrested and dealt with ( hung by the neck until dead )

    Indonesian Protesters Say Anti-Islam Film Declares War
    Indonesia Islamists Demand Expulsion of All Americans... or their deaths

    Muslim Brotherhood praises protests in Arabic, expresses relief that U.S. embassy staff unharmed in English
    "War is deceit," said Muhammad.

    "The Muslim Brotherhood will have a significant role to play in post-Mubarak Egypt. And that is good thing [sic]." -- Reza Aslan

    "US Embassy Zings Egypt, Via Twitter: Psst, we can read Arabic, too," by John Johnson for Newser, September 14:

    (Newser) – The US embassy in Cairo caught the ruling Muslim Brotherhood being two-faced as the protests were under way earlier this week, reports the Hill. The Egypt group's Arabic feed praised the protests, while its American feed expressed support for American staffers:
    Brotherhood's tweet in Arabic: "Egyptians rise to defend the prophet."
    Brotherhood's tweet in English: "We r relieved none of @USEmbassyCairo staff were harmed & hope US-Eg relations will sustain turbulence of Tuesday's events"
    US response to the latter: "Thanks. By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds? I hope you know we read those too."...
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