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    Here is a copy of Gonzo's rap-up of activities in the U.S. Senate today from the Survivor's SKS Forum. The entire thread is five pages long and I will give you the link at the end of the post.


    Posted by Gonzosks1 as follows:

    OK folks, I'm off to get dinner and then I'm going to go watch the "Passion of Christ" movie.

    Here's a summary of today's action:

    1. Despite a major victory in achieving "cloture" yesterday, the Republican NRA backed sponsors of S1805, the immunity bill, negotiated a unanmous consent decree that allowed consideration of a truckload of amendments and extended debate through Tuesday next.

    2. First up was a Daschel amendment, which tinkered with the immunity provisions. The Repub senators concurred with it, so not very problematic most likely. Text should be available next AM.

    3. Next up came an amendment by anti-gunner Barbara Boxer. Her original amendment would not only have requred all handguns to be SOLD with a child safety device, but would also have required their use 24/7 unless you're at the range. (NO more gun under the pillow at night). She agreed to Kohl's amendment to her amendment, and the SENATE by a very lopsided vote with the complicity of quite a bunch of the NRA republicans ADOPTED the child safety lock requirement. All handguns will have to be sold with "approved" safety devices. There is no equivilent to this provision in the house version of the bill, so it could be dropped in conference committee.

    4. After that Senator Ed (Chappaquiddick) Kennedy proposed an amendment that would ban "cop killer" armor piercing ammo. He defined such ammo as any cartrige that could penetrate type one vests. (Which virtually any centerfire rifle, even .22 mag, will do).

    5. In response, Craig (sponsor) proposed a "study" type approach, together with immence penalties for use of AP ammo in a crime. I believe, but cannot verify that his version was passed. It may also be that it was not passed and that votes are still coming on this issue. I will know next AM.

    6. Next, Maria Cantwell (dim) from Wash. state proposed some completely unrelated amendment related to unemployment fund extension stuff. It was defeated.

    7. Next, Frist proposed an amendment that would extend certain provisions of the Voting Rights Act. (Also completey unrelated). So far as I can tell, no vote was held on this issue).

    8. Thereafter, the Senate heard two "special" exemption proposals. These proposals would take a group of "claimants" and basically ALLOW them to file and pursue frivilous suits, despite anything in the bill to the contrary. The first "special" group proposed consisted of victims of the Malvo/Mohhamad sniper attacks. The second special group was LE officers. In both cases, the Democrat sponsored amendments were killed, and republican sponsored amendments on the same subject were passed. I've not seen the text, but it looks as if the republican sponsored amendments were along the lines of "LE or Sniper Victims can sue, as long as they meet the requirements for anyone else to sue under our main exceptions"

    That's a wrap. Back on for more debates and amendments, with votes Monday evening on the "biggies" -- e.g, AWBan extension and Gun Show Loophole stuff.

    Tomorrow's debates will be very interesting. Anyone with any connection should at least LISTEN to the live feed on CSPAN2.

    The only power any government has is to crack down on criminals. When there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking the law. - Ayn Rand


    Here is the link to the thread: PLEASE TACK: AWBan Updates:
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    Glad I read this thread before I posted it, Marlin. Thanks. :D


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