Told you Nostroboy was BS

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    (9/15/01 7:08:14 am)
    Told you Nostroboy was BS

    This wreckage of the World Trade Center literally had not stopped smoking before some asshole began clogging up the Internet with a bogus email claiming that Nostradamus had predicted the whole thing!
    The fake email claimed that Nostradamus had written the predictive quatrain in 1654 which would have been a neat trick since by 1654 Nostradamus had already been dead for 78 years!

    The fabricated text reads as follows:

    In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb, The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.
    At least two artificially-enhanced variations on that vague (but still completely fake) "prediction" have also wasted untold bandwidth as people forward them around:
    One version ends with this incredibly precise "prediction" on the 11th day of the 9 month that... two metal birds would crash into two tall statues... in the new city... and the world will end soon after.

    And this made-up version:

    In the year of the new century and nine months, From the sky will come a great King of Terror... The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city..." "In the city of York there will be a great collapse, 2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos while the fortress falls the great leader will succumb third big war will begin when the big city is burning.

    Whenever you see an email like thisdon't forward the email to eveyone you know but first go to and look it up. is an encyclopedic compendium of hoaxes, urban legends and the like (sometimes confirming them if they happen to be true).

    Snopes knocked down this Nostradamaus hoax in less than 24 hours after it appeared, discovering that the alleged "prediction" was actually part of a study a Canadian college student did to demonstrate how vague Nostradamus-like "predictions" can be made to match almost any event you want. This student wrote the "quatrain" several years ago. Someone apparently saw it this week and began emailing it around, perhaps believing it was really a Nostradamus "prediction." Then the real assholes began adding to it and making things up.

    What is most outrageous about this is how these Nostradamus and other hoaxes create a fog of superstition around events that we need to be clear-headed about.

    The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was not some mystical event foretelling of the future and forseen by a 16th-century prophet, it was a terrorist act planned by some very evil people that we must now mobilize in war to eliminate from the earth.

    Americans should not be wasting mental energy on what Carl Sagan called "the demon-haunted world" in which facts and rational thought give way to superstition and fake "prophesies."

    Please make a note of it.

    For more on Nostradamus and debunking of other "demon-haunted" junk, go to the Center for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, publisher of Skeptical Inquirer at:

    Told you so.

    (9/15/01 8:41:02 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    And here all this time I've been picking on you......! I'm sorry.

    NOT!.................... Your still open season! GG

    (9/15/01 8:46:40 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    I know it...I'm an easy target.

    USA, USA, USA...uh, your slings and arrows of outrages fortune...I love it.

    (9/15/01 11:06:46 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    a few problems gunguy

    one nostraboy as you put it never ,NEVER wrote a quatrain that claimed this was the end of the world ,it was a third world war

    second ,it was 645 as in quatrain #645 {six-hundred-and-forty-five} not the year 1645

    now i do find it disturbing how these quatrains are all interoperated after the fact
    and before we get in a uproar over emails and internet posting ,we must read the actual quatrain for ourselves ,people are taking out of text ,and twisting them ,which intern puts doubt in the credibility of the actual quatrain

    whether we like it or disagree with it ,the world trade center attack ,WAS interpreted from nostradomus's predictions many years ago ,rent the movie narrated by Orson wells ,it was made in the seventies and it does interoperate this event from nostradomus's quatrain

    as far as the mathematical equation that the flight numbers = the day and date ,sure you can come up with any number that can be turned into these flights and day ,the day ,time down to the seconds ,the birthrates of victims ,terrorist ,with all these numbers to pick from we can make up anything

    my personal opinion is that you can't deny his past predictions where interpreted into events that has happened ,BUT when a person writes thousands of these quatrains ,you are bound to get a few right ,just like astrology ,read someone else's forecast it will sound like it fits to you ,just like astrology forecast can be turned into what seams to fit in your life ,so can predictions from the past ,that is how they are written

    (9/15/01 11:48:20 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    Believe it or not, Riply. I just don't choose to believe that Nostro crap, and that is my choice. Everyone else believe what you want to. As I recall, Nostro made a hell of a lot of predictions that did not come true. Bible tells us how to recognize a false prophet...if the things he promise will one day occur and they do not...he is a false prophet. For Nostro to be a legitimate prophet, everything he's said should have come true.

    Its sort of like cult churches, they promise a lot of stuff that is not true and it emminates from a false prophet. But they build their beliefs on the foundation of those false prophesies. Spreading Nostro bilge that he said this and he said that is not doing anyone any good at this time. Nor should we base the fate of our future on such crap.

    Bible also said we are not to believe in mediums contacting the dead, even though the bible proclaims there were such things as mediums in those early times. The power of a medium would have to be given by God, or perhaps some other enity not of God. Is there any proof that Nostro received his devine or otherwise powers of perception from either source?

    (9/15/01 12:10:02 pm)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    agreed agunguy

    like i stated above produce enough predictions and you are bound to hit a few

    the one about the{ twins }could have been interpreted many ways ,twin brothers ,twin countries , anything that looks alike
    {the new city } we are always building new cities
    {the town of York } this is in England as well ,and is were New York got its name

    it was interpreted into this event upon the building of the twin towers

    the bible can be twisted just as well to suit whoevers needs ,look at Charles Manson , David karesh ,Jim Jones just a example of how someone {sick} twist words to their own needs ,snake worshipers read the same book ,but should we discredit the bible because some one takes out of text what they want

    i am not dis agreeing with your view ,just looking at it from a different angle

    (9/15/01 1:29:26 pm)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    Now I will tell you, that everything written in the bible is written by the hand of man, printed and rewritten by the hand of man. Therefore, can one really expect the bible to be the absolute clarification of what God said and expects of us mortals. Yeah, about as much as our history books on our nations, hee hee. The old testament was written by a bunch of Jewish scribes directed by their top religious honchos of those times. The New Testament was more coherent under the expression of the orignal 12 Apostles, but who can say for sure their words were inturpreted honestly. Man has a way of changing things to suit his purposes. And man keep trying to change everything today, look at the modern day cults such as Mormonism, Jehova Witnesses, etc. And down the road there will be bigger and better cults to dupe the gulliable and naive.

    Now, we are going to pass the collection plate and if any of you cheapskates don't put in at least a $100 apiece, we are going to bring down the wrath of my gun dealer on you, who is impatiently waiting for his money on my latest gun aquisitions. Cash only, no plastic or rubber checks...we know who you are.

    The Mole from GB
    (9/17/01 10:15:57 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    I believe the Bible to be the complete and inerrant word of God. True is was written by mans pen, but the thoughts and words are divine.
    I understand that everyone on this board is not a Christian, but I am. I get emotional every time the National Anthem is played, and when the events of last Saturday unfolded I felt is was a blow on me personally, as an American and as a Christian. Because I'm not an American who's a Christian....I'm a Christian who's an American. I'm proud that our citizens are standing up for America and I'm glad that everyone on this board is standing up when anyone deals America a "blow" no matter how large or how small. However....I think it's due time that Christians get emotional about "blows" to our faith. It's funny to me how we can get so bent out of shape at the thought of someone celebrating the attack we endured last week, but when someone takes the Lords name in vain we simply look over it. "one nation under God"

    9/17/01 10:47:33 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    What's with this blows to our faith stuff??? If someone says your old testament has a lot of hooey in it, you are going to proclaim that person is non Christian. I am not thumping my chest saying I'm a Christian, I shold believe in everything man has written. But I will tell you that Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior, he is the promised redeemer that will wash away our sins. Every man, woman and child should seek out Christ and make a commitment to him in faith and thanks for his loving grace.

    There is a lot in the old testament that sounds good, there is a lot that is old Jewish stories embelished over the centurys. For example, do you consider the Geneis story about Adam and Eve was original bible information on their history. Wrong! Many religions have more or less the same story only using slight changes in names and locations...and written or told way before Christianity. Whos to say the old Jewish scribes didn't copy such story lines and polish them up to the present bible form. The same for Noahs ark story and the great world flood.
    But one of my all time favorites is the story about Lot and Sodom and Gamora. If that one is true, then we is in a heep of trouble morally speaking. HA! Would the good Christian be willing to give up his two virgin daughters to a crowd of perverts lusting after Lots new house guest. Lot offered them.

    After fleeing the wicked city of S & G, lot looses his wife to becoming a salt lick for camels, then his daughters and he hold up in a cave like Dave the hermit. The daughters begin getting worried that they will windup being old maids with no children, so what do they do, they get poppa drunk and jump his bones so they can have a child. Those areas of arabia are named after their off spring.

    Wonderful story hey what...I don't think so, and I don't believe it for a minute.

    (9/17/01 10:48:35 am)
    Re: Told you Nostroboy was BS
    Did Nostradufus say anything about a "Grassy Knoll?" How about the composition of the concrete in the end-zone seats in the Meadowlands?

    Just wondering...

    I too am a Christian American. But we need to be JUST as careful of the Christians who live and die by only The Book Of Revelation...

    Yes it is divinely inspired, without question. BUT, I do not believe it was meant to be disected by man to predict ANYTHING catastrophic....

    There are more books in the bible, folks, and ones better to learn the message.

    Remember, "Like a thief in the night..."
    Well, I didn't win the Powerball, so I still collect Russian Crap and variants thereof. ( And am darn happy I can!)
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