Took a ride to the range today

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Reply Took a ride to the range today...
    Went over to West End Gun Club's range to see what kinda
    trouble I could get myself into,and did just fine.I had posted
    that my ole trusty Gov.wasn't being so trusty when locking
    back on the last round.Well there were suggestions that I
    polish the slide stop and ck for burrs.I did so and also used
    new Wilson-Rodgers 8 rnd mags.I am happy to report that
    either the polish.mags,or both has stopped the failure to
    lock back.I only had one out of at least 60 full loads and am
    sure it was me.So I want to thank those who helped me
    with this problem.Its also true that the Wilson mags are
    the BEST.Now all I have to do is get my mini-14 from double
    tapping and getting everyone a little uptight and I'll be just
    fine.I know what's up with the mini,maybe a little too much
    polish and material removed from the trigger assy.Oh well
    now I'll just have to go back out to the range next week
    and make sure that it doesn't do that again....hmmmm

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    Re: Took a ride to the range today...

    All of us here are happy to help out folks anytime we

    I'm sure someone can help with your Mini-14 problem
    too, if you post the question in our technical forum
    it will get the quikest response.

    Happy for you that things worked out with your pistol,
    Wilson Mags are the only thing I really count on too!
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