Took my son hunting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruffitt, Mar 3, 2003.

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    Two weekends ago I took my eight year old hunting for the first time. It was a blast. We went to my father-in-laws. I was going to let him use his great great grand fathers single shot 410, BUT when I was going over all the safety rules and after we fired it, it would not kick out the shell. I thought the brass expanded to wide, but it was the ejector, I think maybe it is weak. Luckily I also brought my bolt action 410, ha ha. I took my 870, along with my trusty SA 45 super long slide (robo squirrels don't cha know...Thank-You Kevin).

    Into the deep woods...
    We parked about 1/2 mile from where I wanted to take him so we could walk and I could explain things about the "wilderness" to him. Of course however, we had to take a different way back to the van, a much longer way.
    After I kindly explained for the ???? time that you must not plow through the leaves on the ground one must walk, we finally found an area to sit and wait. After a short while the tree rats was out and about and needin some killin. I passed on a couple of shots so he could have them (with my trusty 870 and 3 inch 6s they would have been easy shots), but since we were there for him I needed to wait for them to come closer, remember, he was using a 410. After they scampered close enough I told him when he was ready he could close the bolt, shoulder, disengage the safety and fire. Even though it is a bolt action 5 shot he only got one shell at a time. I was sitting across from him (no not in front of) and kept waiting for him to shoot. He looked at me and I motioned for him to fire. He didn't. I walked back over and asked what happened, why did he not fire. He calmly explained that two tree rats were side by side and he had aimed at their heads, as he was about to fire, one moved. He WAS going to shoot two at once. I laughed and explained that most of us great hunters normally shoot one at a time. As we walked through the woods on our two hour trip back to the car, he asked when he was going to go deer hunting. I think this might be an awesome year.
    Even though we didn't fire any rounds in the timber he was anxious to. When we got back to the van I let him fire the 410 to his hearts content. HE IS HOOKED.

    Two weeks later, We went to my inlaws again, this time for Thanksgiving. We did not hunt we just shot at targets. He fired "his" 410 again as well as my 54 cal muzzle loader. I was amazed that he shot it so many times and that he grouped so well (the 54). (I'm thinking) I need to practice cause I can't stand to lose at anything and he looks to be a hell of a shot. I'm am humbled and amazed at how well he did. He doesn't know it yet but he is getting a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, is that a little backwards??? Oh well.

    I just wanted to share those two stories. I seldom get time to post or I would have been on earlier to gloat er I mean share.


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    Twins, tell your son he can hunt with me anytime......not you, though.....3" #6`s, is there any squirrel left??? thats fit to eat or get any shotless bites???? DURN!!!!!!!!! While we`re gloating, my daughter is taking her hunter education course this week after school, four hours an evening for four days. Off to the woods for her first legal hunt in the next week or out!, another woman with a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LTS
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    Nothing like hunting with your kid...the stories you share become priceless...

    And especially while they are younger, mine is now 17 soon to be 21 (LOL) and hasn't hunted with me for a few years, (currently into hunting FEMALES)I'm sure he will again...

    Bought him his last "Youth" license this year just in case, and he said he wants to hunt squirrel again this year...
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    Kids and hunting...what could be a better way of ensuring our hunting heritage? These kids are our backbone for gun rights in the future. I do all within my capabilities to ensure kids have this opportunity. I have given away numerous rifles and shotguns to boys and even moreso girls that showed a continuing interest in the hunting sport. I have grand kids ranging in ages from 4 to 18 and all love the outdoors

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    Chris, Would have loved to seen the look on the proud fathers face. US old folks have to keep practicing, otherwise the youngsters will outshoot us everyday. Time spent in the woods with your child is a priceless thing. Those are times that you will rememeber for a lifetime. Way to go dad!
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