Total Economic Collapse of the US

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    The coming economic collapse of the US seems like it was planned. Everyone is smart enough to know that you don't spend more than you make.

    I have read crazy conspiracy theories online that the elite or Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations etc. all want to bring about a New World Order. A one world government with a world leader or president. One currency, one world army, one world police force, one religion, one school system etc. Their thought is that this would eliminate the possibly of Nuclear Wars and other ethnic strife. They will erase the borders and we will be brought together into one big happy family "kicking and screaming all the way", we will never have a reason or the approval of the world govenment to go to war against ourselves. The system will be socialist ran by a few elite.

    They are saying that the world will be divided into 7 territories with 7 heads over the territories. An Asian Union, African Union, North American Union all modeled after the European Union. Some are saying that the reason that the government will not raise a hand against illegal immigration is because they do not recognise the border anyway.

    So, to bring about this NWO, the world system has to collapse so that they can rebuild it into this new worldwide government. I have read that a Total economic collapse, Nuclear exchange, or 3rd World War would do this. Martial law would be declared and people, out of fear, would gladly sign their rights away for security and safety. Those opposed would be put in concentration camps. Firearms would be outlawed and conficated, a huge world police force and world army would invade and force everyone to comply. We would sink into socialism with a world dictator in charge.

    I don't know what to believe, I wouldn't put it past these guys. If you told the Jews in Germany and Poland in 1936 that they would be in Concentration camps in a few years, they wouldn't believe you either.

    I do know that an economic collapse is coming, whether it is planned or not, I don't know.

    We need to attack this debt like we did WW2. There should be rationing, sacrifices by everyone and changes to our financial habits. Cuts made at every level of our government. I hope that someone will attack this debt, but I don't see any industry coming to the rescue this time to dig us out of this mess.

    I have prepared for the worst case scenario. We have food, ammunition and water stored just in case. If it doesn't happen, GREAT! If it does, we will be way ahead of those that gave it no thought and are in a panic state.

    If the economy collapses, things as we know it will cease. People won't go to their jobs, businesses will cease to exist overnight. Grocery stores will empty and truckers won't be on the road to resupply them. Panic will be rampant and martial law will have to be declared to just keep the peace.
    A police state would be a real possibly.

    I can see the importance of owning gold, but food and water are much more important. I can trade food for gold and silver. Guns will be very valuable as well as ammo.

    Does anyone else see this stuff going on around us?
  2. Terry_P

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    Mar 23, 2008
    What don't you see on the web??

    I don't think the US would cede it's sovereignty without a revolution from within. The only scenerio I could see that could lead to something like that would be a full nuclear exchange in which the world was mostly destroyed and that would eventually leave it all to the cockroaches and ants to pick up the pieces anyway.

    Remember the book "Fail Safe" the last survivors were in Australia as I recall. Jack you got room for some of us down there.;)

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