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I know it has been awhile between updates. I've gotten a number of emails asking if I'd abandoned the build. I have not. But, since the SHOT Show in late January, I've been swamped with magazine work, and I've gotten half a dozen contracts to make videos for a firearms web site.

As a result I've been working six to seven days a week for the last two months just trying to hit my deadlines, and keep on schedule with my own YouTube channel. Which has left no time for hobby work.

But this past week I knocked out the last three pieces with 1 April deadlines, which left me a couple of days free to work on the flinter. This is the first of two video updates on the project.

In this update to my build project on Track of the Wolf's Bucks County flintlock rifle kit, I'll take the rough, sand cast butt plate and get it cleaned up enough to inlet onto the rifle stock.

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