Training, Competition, & Tactics

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Reply Training, Competition, & Tactics
    I have been heavily involved in firearms and tactics training for the past 11 years as both student(always) and instructor(last 5 years). However, I have had little experience with the competition side of shooting. I have looked into the IDPA course and they look great but I dont know much about them.

    So, I thought I would open a topic for training, competition, and the application of tactics.


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    Welcome again goose ...

    I am in the same boat pretty much as you are. I have been an avid handgunner for a few years now, however, other than a friendly match with some pals I have never been involved in competition shooting. I mainly became interested in firearms for self protection, it has indeed blossomed from there yet my shooting has not yet entered the world of "organized shooting" for lack of a better term.

    I have been involved in shooting that was and is most certainly organized, just no real scoring. I have been through quite of bit a tactical training, however that is far different that competition in the true sense of the word.

    I also do some training here and there as needed and or as asked. I have no problem with showing someone the basics as far as safe handling and safe shooting is concerned ... the more shooters that can support the hobby the better. I am always looking for a range mate.
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    Reply Re: Training, Competition, & Tactics
    Goose,with 11 yrs. of training you would probably do well in IDPA. Draw from concealment,take cover,and shoot fast and straight.Lots of reloads.Your duty pistol will work well for this.Holsters must be approved by IDPA. Go shoot a match,I think you'll like it.

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    Reply Re: Training, Competition, & Tactics
    Hello Goose and make yourself welcome. I would like to try some tactical shooting myself. Thus far the only competition shooting I've been involved with is Bullseye shooting. There's a saying among us... if you shoot well 1 handed, you'll be better with 2.
    Be sure to share with us anything that comes to mind. I'm sure we have a particular forum for it.
    Come back as often as you like. Be sure to bring your sense of humor with you too, we have a great bunch of Guys and Gals.


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    Reply Re: Training, Competition, & Tactics
    In the 80s, I shot pretty heavily for about 6 years, IPSC, NRA Action Pistol, Bowling Pin Matches, PPC, "Police" Matches, plates for cash, you name it. The year I shot in two leagues, the IPSC Sectionals and an Action Pistol State Championship I put over 50,000 rounds through my .45.

    IPSC was still at the stage then where there were two schools of thought, "sport" vs. "martial art."

    I built a good 5", shot my three novice matches, shot a couple of seasons C and B class. When I got out, the 6" $2000 "race guns" were the norm even in B, and it kind of got old. I really only enjoyed the assault courses, and most of the time my leagues didn't have them, the best was at the Ohio Sectionals in 87 or 88.

    I got into Action Pistol, which is even more of a game, BUT with the plate tables and moving targets it taught quite a bit. But again, the .38 PPC style wheelguns with optics stole the show. I even went compensated 6" with optics for awhile, but thats not for me. I converted it back to 5" a few years ago.

    The BEST for pure defensive shooting techniques, but no tactics, is Bowling pins. You HAVE to hit them just right with a stiff .45 load at least to carry them, and you can always do it FASTER. The only wheelguns that worked were .44 mags, but they were a handful, and slow to reload.

    When you get a good 2-3 second run with 5 or 6 shots you have a HECKUVA feeling! But with money on the side for each run, the pressure is fantastic! Nothing better for FORCING you to watch that front sight under pressure. No powder puff loads, you never know HOW many reloads it may take when the "deadwood" starts spinning. and hitting a pin JUST right at 25 feet is tremendous training for the street. And after a few runs when those pins have about 2 pounds of lead in them so the conditions keep changing...

    PPC was worthless, just for shooting groups...

    I got out of it about 10 years ago, but I may have to check out IDPA. The only thing is, my old 5" may just not be considered "stock..."

    I always considered everything a "martial art," and I think I'm better for it, tactics wise, even if I STILL think the old IPSC style reloads are the way to go , even if IDPA frowns on it...

    Gosh, talk about reminiscing...

    And I now carry a Makarov daily (Blasphemy!), the .45 stays at home next to the bed.

    Thanks for the post, it made me think...

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